Motorcyclist Brutally Crushed, Innards Spilled, Ripped Out Heart a Distance Away

Motorcyclist Brutally Crushed, Innards Spilled, Ripped Out Heart a Distance Away

You look at this post, and straight from the beginning, it just doesn’t sit right with you. But you can’t really put your finger on what it is about it. And then it hits you – the motorcyclist is mangled, but his footwear stayed on his feet. What the fuck? How did that happen?

I’m not sure exactly where this video is from, there there are enough flip flops in it for me to make a guess – Brazil?

The video depicts the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. The biker got as mangled as they get. His head was essentially ripped off his shoulders, which opened up his chest cavity with a hole through which his innards spilled on the road. Most of them stayed around the body, serving as a warm cushion for the weary head, but not the heart. The ripped out heart decided to take a (st)roll, and leaving behind a trail of blood, landed a distance away. At least it’s not still beating.

I wasn’t able to find any information about the video at all. But Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin says: “I am sure someone will scrape up some of that goodness and add it to a pizza for a nice topping.

Many thanks for the video, Hugsthemuffin:

68 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Brutally Crushed, Innards Spilled, Ripped Out Heart a Distance Away”

  1. If only he could see himself now…

    As a Gelatinous Blob With a helmet on a decapited head

    I can’t help but laugh at this poor guy. Who dies like that??
    I was waiting for the head In the helmet to start talking like he was just chilling out lol.

  2. When he died was he laying on his back or his Stomach? Is his head backwards or frontwards? Which way is his spine facing? Is his head on backwards or is his body on backwards? These are the questions that have tried men’s souls.. XD

    1. He is laying on his back. His body is not twisted. I thought that at first as well, but his hips are badly broken (shattered) and his back is arched so it almost looks like he is twisted 3 times. Crazy looking! That would suck to get run over from the bottom up! Imagine feeling your skin and muscles finally tear to relieve the unbelievable pressure of your innards looking for an escape route.

  3. I don’t get how the different body parts ended up in that position. Is it because the whole skin got pulled off backwards and the rib cage got crushed so everything fell out the front???

          1. 🙁 I wish my heart was cold as the morning dew but it’s warm as saxophones and honey in the sun for you hehe I always wanted to say that :3

    1. my think, he have pick an pillar or something right in the head (or neck) , mostly beheaded , flying in perfect circle force , fall and skid in the road.
      result :
      mostly beheaded, arms/legs in this position, clothes partially ripped. that can explain too the possiblity to put the organs out by the neck due to the force when he flying/turn in the air

      (maybe just my imagination, but i think its possible)

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