Motorcyclist Brutally Mangled, Body Parts All Over the Road

Motorcyclist Brutally Mangled, Body Parts All Over the Road

Video from Brazil depicts the aftermath of a fatal collision between a motorcycle and a car. The cameraman walks down the road and films various body parts that have been scattered along there.

There appears to be a piece of brain, a skull fragment, a severed foot and possibly a heart. The corpse, on top of having the head destroyed and the leg amputated, appears to have a large gaping hole in the chest with various internal organs protruding.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Brutally Mangled, Body Parts All Over the Road”

  1. Man, this fucker really went to town, awsome carnage. Well I’m no expert either but that really did look like a heart, I recall seeing a couple other videos of road accidents on here where the victims hearts flew out of them to.

    1. That’s what I thought too @alaskanfrog! Looks like the upper arm & shoulder, with the rest of the torso lying flat, under the interior door panel. That may possibly also be a head/part of head to left of torso, but I’m looking at it on a small tablet & can’t enlarge it much before it gets too grainy.

        1. But @brokeback – you weren’t holding the CAMERA,I seem to recall, you were in FRONT of it – a year or 2 ago in your college going days lol, despite being obsessive these days! ; )
          Did you ever get around to buying that shower bench like I suggested a couple of months ago, when you were complaining about not being able to use both hands to masturbate when in the shower? Try it…you’ll like it! And that
          way you don’t have to hold your “catch of the day” upright against the wall either when sharing the shower, to conserve water. So I heard. And speaking of heard…I hear my WaterPik (hand held, if so desired, adjustable intensity ) shower head calling. ; ) Gotta go!

    1. The cameraman did good, I just wish he spent more time at the heart or whatever that was. I tried pausing but the fucking play button blocked it. I’d like to see a screen grab of the heart if that’s what it was. It looked cool with that artery/vein attached.

    1. Dammit @brokeback. Ixnay on another bike, okay? You’ve already got too many titanium replacement parts, and no matter HOW competent a rider YOU are, there’s always some asshole in a cage wanting &/or trying to take you out. Besides Brokie – you told my doppelganger you’d go to Brazil on one of those seat sale/rental car included pkg deals a few weeks ago if she’d go with. Sure wouldn’t happen if you had a wreck!
      Just sayin’. ; ) But then, I saw a sweet HD Screaming Eagle yesterday. It was to die for – NOT!!!

        1. My apologies @brokeback…… I misspoke. We were going to Acapulco, not Brazil. But, and it’s a BIG but, you never did reply when I asked whether you had any snuff film fantasies that you wanted/intended to bring to life – far away from our home & native land? I do NOT want to run away with you if you’re going to do me (tongue-in-cheek, pun intended) & post it here. Just sayin’.

  2. You sound like my mom @steaknsidney lol. “Hi mom. I’m not going to make it out this afternoon after all. I had an accident” Mom, bless her heart, & RIP “Oh my God! How’s the car?” Me: “I don’t know Mom – they wouldn’t let me see it.” Mom: ” Dad! Come grab the phone. It’s _____. She wrecked her car.” The things we say/don’t say when shocked!
    And it was a Filipina driving her boss’ car without permission, while they were out of the country (Canada, for shit’s sake! No getting away from their crappy driving no matter WHERE you live!)

      1. Like most others @summinkawesome, I feel with my hands, and sometimes mouth ; ) But, please define okay, ok? The accident was many years ago.The bitch took out the driver’s side front end of my car. My head had a double impact which unfortunately did NOT knock some sense into it; 1st impact was with the window/door frame. Not wearing a seat belt, I knew I was in for a ride, so I held on to the steering wheel for dear life, and as a result got my right arm ripped out of my shoulder socket, and my racing seat ripped out of the floor somewhere along the way. She pushed my bumper through my driver’s side front tire, bulldozed me sideways into the curb, flipping me up over it onto my passenger side, with my roof wrapped around a light post. 2nd head impact was with the windshield/door pillar.
        The accident

        1. shit. I accidentally hit post before I was done, and just missed hitting the save button before it posted, without the balance. OOps.
          The accident was exactly 37 blocks straight down the street from the province’s major teaching hospital, almost right out of the city, but it took them 35 minutes to get to me as traffic was so ,acked up.They ended up having to go out of town and double back on the grassy median between the east & west bound highways to reach me. At the hospital they laid me flat on the table & only x-rayed my head, pooh-poohing my other complaints as just being body bruises. They released me into the custody of my neighbor, as those with suspected concussions were not allowed to leave independently. A few hours later I caught a bus home to my folks. The pain kept getting worse so my mom ended up taking me to this small rural hospital about 15 miles from their house. The doctors LISTENED to me, then started x-raying. I had a broken collarbone, shoulder blade (from hitting the heavy duty seat frame when it was being ripped out of the floor), most of the ribs on my right side, both front & back, and several vertebra, as well as my arm being out of the socket. I also had extensive soft tissue, muscle, & nerve damage. Doc told me one day I’d have severe arthritis, and he was, unfortunately, telling me true.

          I’ve since had my right side reinjured several times due to other crashes, and some days I can barely move,especially if cold or rainy, or really hot. But hey – I can walk some, I can certainly talk, with really good pain meds & muscle relaxants I can type for awhile, and I’m on THIS side of the dirt. It COULD be worse!

  3. Look at this bag of bones on black top,
    You fast, huh? Go past, dawg,
    I’m glad cops don’t catch y’all,
    Be bad, brah, you can’t stop,
    Run the camera, he’s on route to crash, call
    someone meant to clean up all this trash off the asphalt,
    He’s Got a cracked jaw,
    His ass? Gone,
    Back broken and snapped wrong,
    Hands fold when he lands on them, shattered dome leaving splat spots,
    Grab him, homes, he’s got a chance, Not!
    He’s in a bad spot,
    Discount if he can’t walk, when legs get marked at half off,
    Smashed thoughts stretch across the interstate he dashed on,
    Paramedics hesitate to resuscitate, should you touch it if it’s that raw?

  4. I lost my license 7.5 years ago; I was finally granted a restricted license, with a BAIID on the ignition. One more hearing and I should have a full license and I will be able to ride my street bike again. When I see shit like this, it makes me feel it may be best to just sell the bike. Back when I was riding, smart phones did not take over the world yet. Commuting on a bike in traffic these days is proof that you have a DEATH WISH……..

    1. No one chooses a motorcycle for the safety features.

      People who text and drive are unconsciously assisting in the reduction of future traffic jams.

      Motor vehicle accidents give purpose to flares that would otherwise sit in a dark trunk their whole lives.

  5. high speeds devestate the body, one truly wonders who of the 2 was at fault, id bet biker was way above speed limit and flesh to steel always looses. the only good thing is biker was instantly dead and didnt slowly die in severe pain.

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