Biker Carrying Flowers on Valentine’s Day Crashes with Truck

Left Side of Body Came In Contact with Truck, Leg Took Worst Beating

Left Side of Body Came In Contact with Truck, Leg Took Worst Beating

According to the backinfo I got, the accident happened in the province of Aklan, in the western Visayas island group of the Philippines. It was Valentine’s Day, and simps were spending money to impress bitches who don’t give two shits about them but ride Chad and Tyrone for free.

The blue-pilled biker featured in the photos collided with a truck while on his way with flowers to some thot. He never got there.

Props to Best Gore member @twokleptomaniacs for the pics:

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91 thoughts on “Biker Carrying Flowers on Valentine’s Day Crashes with Truck”

    1. FUCK
      I will never buy flowers for a bitch. Not unless it was something like she was in the hospital after a car accident. Even then like.. probably not. It’s just the gayest thing ever and makes you look like a weak pussy, trying to win a hoe over with flowers.. Why would you want to look like a weak pussy to a woman that you want to bang?

      1. “Every rose has its thorn
        Just like every night has its dawn
        Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
        Every rose has its thorn”

        Being a romantic is openly admitting your a cuck/simp… I haven’t given flowers since I was in my 20’s, last chick I did give, did not fuck me, instead she dumped me, cause I wasn’t worth her admiration. If you use flowers as a apology, it does make you a weak man. Instead argue till your wrong, cause a woman loves to be right.

        1. “Instead argue till your wrong”

          This is a known fact. I can tell you have plenty of experience with women. They are better at verbal skills than we are, which is why they always end up right, even if they are completely wrong. I will say it is best just to accept that. Sometimes I have pissed off women just by winning an argument conclusively, only to realize I should have just feigned defeat, since it would have been better in the long run. I think every guy has those sad experiences in their 20’s. Anytime I’ve ever bought something for a woman, I knew it felt wrong in my bones. But I was brainwashed to do it anyways. Nowadays I try to be a little wiser.

          1. I don’t accept it, I tolerate it.
            Last chick I was with, didn’t like me calling the shots, she felt entitled to do as she pleased. Had to end it, as it was becoming more than casual, which I told her, that’s all I wanted.

          1. Pointless gets pointless after a while, it can be interesting, if you allow it to be.
            And how easy is it to be chipped by a woman’s vagina monologue skit, and the size of your skid marks in your underoos.

  1. Only the brainwashed acknowledge these ‘commercial’ events. Remove Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween and all the other commercial spending-days on the calendar….and then add up how much you wouldn’t have wasted that year if you’d ignored them all; and then multiply it by the amount of years you’ve been doing it. For those around my age the amount will stagger you. You’d have paid that house off decades ago.

    1. Excellent point!

      I have been thinking recently about how Illuminati influence has DESTROYED
      the religious Bible/Christ message of Christmas and Easter over the last 5 decades

      It used to be a solemn event
      Now, all Western kids know is:
      Easter = Eggs n Bunny Wabbit
      Christmas = Santa & gifts under a tree

      Note how every Hollywood movie blasphemes “Oh Jesus” “Oh Christ”
      “Oh Jesus Christ, Kate ..”

      Or .. if it’s a kids’ cartoon, they will say “Oh, Jimminie Cricketts ..”
      which = JC which = “Oh Jesus Christ” all over again

      Also note that ALL Hollywood movies promote Bi-sex/Homo-sex
      activity nowdays
      Everyone thinks it’s cool to see 2 chicks lez out etc. but there is a
      more SINISTER reason behind it all
      It’s an Illuminati tool to ‘slowly knock down’ the institution of Biblical
      Marriage and normal sex over the decades, and it’s working

      Also note: that Illuminati just wants to destroy the Bible/Christian
      religion. They leave Islam and Jews alone!
      They still have their religious events in-tact, whereas
      Kids can’t even say “Merry Christmas” at school or make “Christmas
      Cards” or even say “My Christian name is ….”

      You can’t have the old “Nativity Scenes” in shop windows anymore ..

      Back in the 7o’s the local Priest could even come to school for
      Religious Education .. Not now ..

      So .. the religion of the West has slowly been eaten from the inside out

      Makes you wanna go get felt up by a Cardinal or something

      Pop goes the Weazel

      1. Women don’t like that kind of encouragement.
        Remember back in high school, if your weren’t dating anyone, meant that your were a loser or gay? It quite the accomplishment to be single, while supporting yourself and the local hookers.

        1. I never dated that much in high school. As a matter of fact, I never attended any of my high school proms.

          A case of beer back in “76” was $4.99. To go to the prom, was over $200.00. For that price, I was able to get well over 40 girls drunk and naked, and they didn’t have to be home at a certain time either.

          The only people who considered me a loser, were the guys.

          …their girlfriends thought they were boring

          1. “I never dated that much in high school. As a matter of fact, I never attended any of my high school proms.”

            I dated in high school, well sort of, incognito, finding sluts in school was remarkable easy for me, other men from the athletic department shunned me, as if I gave a fuck, was a outcast with that mysterious fuck me flare.

            “The only people who considered me a loser, were the guys.”
            If you are not apart of the pack, your a lone wolf. And nothing wrong with that, benifts of not giving a fuck about someone else social standards.

            I enjoyed high school to a degree! I only miss the young tail I got on the regs.
            RIP youth.

          2. Well said gentlemen. I too never went to a prom, dance, or any other school function incl graduation.
            Why mingle with ass holes you hate and who look down their noses at you.
            I was once put in the, what we called the “retard class” for the incorrigibles.
            The girls loved the bad boy image however, and made themselves readily available.

  2. If he was just the delivery man doing his job and making money he’d have my sympathies. If he bought the flowers for his temporary friend with the vagina he got what he damn well deserved.

      1. True…a funeral would be absolutely acceptable. Plus maybe the poor bastard in the casket could give this guy one of his legs after all he won’t be needing it anymore.

    1. Good eye detective Smiles. I got an idea for another forum game. Everyone posts something in an attempt to hide something from you and see how long it’ll take you to spot whatever it is that they’re trying to hide. That sounds like a lot of fun. 😉

  3. All these stupid fucking holidays- dreamed up by women (and simps) and then taken advantage of by companies to sell shit like cards and other useless crap.

    I fucking hate all holidays.

    It won’t be long before there is someone claiming each day of the year to be some fucking holiday somewhere for somebody.

    Of course, if you can’t afford it, or if it genuinely slipped your mind and you try to make amends, someone may say to you, “That’s OK, it’s the thought that counts.”

    Well, if that is true, then Happy Fuck All to whatever day it is, and I ain’t doing shit!

    I don’t need a special day to remember those close to me, or special events.

    And I sure as hell don’t need to pay for it each year, either!

    1. One aisle that get me pissed off more than gift cards, is the make up/ beauty aisle. The product selection is to vast for my understanding, covering up blemishes, to eye liners, nails, make up removers and hair dyeing. The sad thing is, men help produce this garbage, men created these holidays to appease the gentle sex, for what? Drum roll! … … …
      Sex! Fucking! Give her that 1000$ designer bag and ya might get to stick the tip of your dick in her unbleached butthole.
      We do it for the perks/perky tits.
      I’d like to dedicate a aisle for men products, for the fuck of it.

      1. The female shit aisle is disgusting.
        The shit they make make-up out of is sheer disgust, and that means something when I come to a web site to see live dismemberment, beheadings, animal attacks, and accidents.

        Ever wonder why the cutting areas of butcher shops is around 65 degrees?

        It is so flys wont reproduce.

        All the scraps that people have trimmed off their meat go into a ‘clean’ 32 gallon trash can.
        Where it stsys until the can is full.

        Then that shit is sold to the make-up companies.

        Just remember that the next time some chick is caking on her clownface.

  4. DEATH TO THE CHINGY by bad jonny

    Death to all the Chingy
    And all that he stands for

    Manufacturing a virus?
    This means fucking war

    They shut down the doctors
    They said it was law

    Now 1 million corpses
    Just waiting to thaw

    All the lefties going
    “Oh Asia this Asia that’s”

    In the West we don’t eat
    Filthy fucking bats

    They say they’re gonna build
    Ten hospital before Lents?

    I’ve seen those things
    They’re ‘dying tents’

    Chingy Commo government says:
    We’re still in control

    Even Chief doctors are dying
    When Corona starts to roll

    They put out a ‘statement’
    From some ‘Commie’ Mole

    I wouldn’t eat
    From a filthy Chingy bowl

    These dirty yellow scumbags
    Have let go of control

    Laughing while white finances
    Are taking heavy toll

    So many dying
    Like rats and like ants

    If you see female Slant-eye
    Remove her Chingy pants

    Now Put your white meat
    In that yellow little slot

    Singing: “ I ain’t got Corona, Wang ..
    This is what I got “

    She’s coughing all over you
    Nose full of snot

    Her temperature 100
    Her eyes all bloodshot

    Arteries to her brain
    All start to clot

    You’re so busy fucking her
    You forget what you forgot

    A million deceased Chingys?
    So fucking what ?
    Pop goes the Weazel

        1. Sounds familiar. Butt not my silk sheetskeet, my nuts are blasted with thick ropey blood gel, pelvis covered in my own DNA mixed with a odd blood ring… I might be grasping, a heart like shape appeared as I slid out my blood soaked shaft, not a towel insight, only used up booger napkins in a pile under her bed. The rest of it is this, ain’t my silk skeets!… I mean silk sheets

    1. I was lucky when I was a teenager…

      My first love was a young gal who had a drinking problem. We went to a kegger out in the country one weekend, and she mentioned to me, how much she’d love to tap that.

      …I almost married her

  5. This is probably the Phillipines’ equivalent of Milk Tray Man. This brave dude had to dodge a lot of bad drivers and risk his life to deliver a bunch of flowers to his gf. Poor bastard.

    Back in the 1970s or 80s, there was a TV advert called Milk Tray, which featured a dashing, black-clad 007-type skiing down a dangerous mountain at full pelt, risking his life to deliver a box of Milk Tray to the woman he loves.

    I thought that this was the most sexist thing on TV – the notion that a man must sacrifice his life for a woman’s comfort, and that it’s somehow romantic. I’m glad they don’t air such crap like this anymore.

  6. I wonder what kind of profit he would turn on that deal. I doubt it was worth a leg, he won’t be peddling anymore bikes or flowers. All for for some cuck to give his broad and maybe receive a bj, when she might be sucking some other slopes little chingy chong. The flower guy is the only one you got fucked in that deal

  7. I was wondering the same things as the above couple of comments.
    All this for a handful of change to buy a sack of rice, and to keep the o’lady off your back for a couple hours.
    Since there are no social safety nets, I suspect he’ll end up doing the skateboard and pencil cup circuit.

  8. “I was once put in the, what we called the “retard class” for the incorrigibles.”


    That definitely resonates with me, being different made me stand out, not for attention, but for nourishment of those socially awkward. They say, everyone has their place in life, moments of genuine interest ,compelling fate to do my bidding… being grown up just plain sucks. Momentarily

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