Motorcyclist in China Hits Child Outside Daycare, Boy Survives

Motorcyclist in China Hits Child Outside Daycare, Boy Survives

Outside what looks to be a daycare for children in China, a motorcyclist runs directly over kid running across street. The boy survives, the motorcyclist seems to be hurt.

101 thoughts on “Motorcyclist in China Hits Child Outside Daycare, Boy Survives”

    1. I wonder why adult humans are so stupid.
      Even a cheetah would have slowed down a few blocks from the kiddies center.

      Lucky kid, looks like a miracle. This video should be preserved and shown to him when he grows up

    1. I think you don’t know how childcare facilities work in China. Here in the west, pussy kids are learning how to do maccaroni and glue art at age 4; a chink larva of the same age is already crawling thru engines and other sorts of mechanical equipment ot get it fixed. And they do all that in daycares, government sanctions it.

      This little bugger was just on his way to buy a pack of cigs with the money pooled from the rest of the other larvae, before some pussy kid that probably listens to BTS tried to take him out. Little did Cheng Jr. know that Lil’ Ling Ling there can take a flying sack of sand straight to the face, get up and ask for his smoke break all in one fluid motion. Jr’s delicate westernized skull wasn’t tough enough to deal with the harsh and solid reality of the street…life in urban China.

      And as thus, had his mind blown. It’s all in video.

          1. It’s not good. The September 9 Swedish parliamentary elections sodomized the leadership and the Swedish Democrat Party today 10/03/18 endorsed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

            We won’t hear from Svarg until he gets WiFi in his bunker.

            Quite frankly, I think he should move to Finland. They like the Swedes and it’s not in NATO like Norway.

    1. I have to admit, though, the Chinese Communist Party has an ingenious employment, population and traffic control plan. Slow down the vehicles by running boys into the streets.

      OK, fine, the retard survived, but he took out a slacker that was cutting his shift.

        1. @diclonius – might be smart ? Are you kidding? You’ve obviously not heard of ‘tiger mothers’ and you obviously have not paid a recent visit to a western high school, hospital or university campus, which are all overflowing with incredibly severely intelligent Asians. So much so, that I would have no problem backing an Asian student (who learnt English as a second language in 6 months) kicking your moronic Murican arse in a grammer and spelling contest, no problem. All you did was beautifully frame your own stupidity by trying to insinuate a non-american is somehow inferior. You failed………

  1. Little chink got no Road sense. Do they not use the look left look right and then look again theme tune to these little slit eye fuckers…

    I hardly click on CCTV gore posts they’re boring as fuck. I want to see first hand filmed on a phone of the action.

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