Motorcyclist Has Chunk of Calf Ripped Off

Motorcyclist Has Chunk of Calf Ripped Off

In the town of TrΓͺs Lagoas (Three Lakes), the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, a motorcyclist clipped a bus and lost a chunk of his calf. I think the white spot in the sea of red is his fibula (calf bone).

A solid chunk of muscle tissue was ripped off if calf, but it doesn’t look like bones were shattered, so he’ll walk again.

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      1. Good question! I seriously have no idea considering his leg would not be able to stand up like that if it was missing. Either it’s still there and we can’t see it, or he’s some empowered superhuman who don’t need no bone to get up doin’ his thing.

      1. “I hope you know what I mean” of course you know which muscle I was talking about, I wanted to know if you think they can be transplanted in this day and age? Excuse me if it sounded like I was insulting your intelligence, I would never do that πŸ˜‰

        1. Lol no worries @tas baby girl. Yes they can the most common procedure for this is called “free functional muscle transplant” they take an ” extra” less vital or used muscle from your body and transplant it to restore movement to a limb ect. πŸ™‚

          1. Yes I was talking to one of my old professors about that not to long ago, I hoping he gets an early copy of the official transcript I usually can get a copy when he does I love reading them πŸ™‚

          2. Thanks for that! I just can’t imagine his leg ‘working’ very well without this major muscle.
            @YNEG, surgeons seem to use pigs for a lot of medical parts. I wonder if a Muslim or Jews would reject the use of piggies in medicine?

          3. Oh @YNEG have you read any about the three scientists that have found a way to actually “repair” damaged DNA?! The nerd in me had about a 4hour field day reading into that one.

          4. @tas the organs and such in a pig is very similar to that of a humans, thus why they are use so extensively in medical research for humans. Not only have they grown human leg muscle for the bladder tissue of a pig as @YNEG mentioned above but have successfully transplanted genetically engineered hearts from pigs into baboons they soon hope to be able to do the same for humans.

          5. I have @Am0ur. When i was in college.. i went to a class that one of the scientists, Aziz Sancar was doing on DNA decay and repair, and it was really interesting. One of the smartest men I’ve ever been in the same room with.

          6. lol are you kidding me I would have loved to have sat in on that class. Same here but hey I have many sides and nerd is one of them I’ll admit it πŸ˜‰ yeah I’d be willing to bet we could talk for hours like this πŸ˜‰

          7. Their skin is very similar too, as in, they seem to only have a light coating of hair like us humans. Really if you think about it, a human has hair all over its body just like all the other mammals. Arms, legs, backs etc. even if it is very fine, it’s still all over us. Some men of course look like a missing link, lol, like a neathandral.

          8. Also I think Muslims and Jews and whoever reject pigs because they are ‘dirty’ animals? FFS pigs roll in mud/dirt because they are not very hairy, it stops them from getting sunburn and/or insect bites. It’s actually a very clever thing for them to do.

          9. @Am0ur, I also think it could be because pigs ‘fornicate’ it front of, well anyone, lol. Most animals do! That’s why Muslim people do not like dogs either. Really a lot of humans fornicate in front of other people too. It’s so popular, we call it PORN and people pay a lot of money to watch other people have sex! I don’t think Muslims are supposed to watch porn either, but they do, just look at the ‘search engines’ most are non English speakers. πŸ™‚

        1. Thats just the official science. Who knows what they are withholding for the privileged. It could very well be, that the technology which we, the unwashed masses, are using, is long since obsolete, we are maybe 10-20 years behind.

          1. I think the 3D bio printing & other quantum leaps made in Medical sciences wouldn’t only be for the privileged ones . My expectation are its in general for all human race to benefit from . Curiously enough some of the continuing research on other aspects of the human science may not see light of the day though but I am hoping we haven’t been pushed that far back in time to call today’s technologies as being obsolete.
            Science has a nature to evolve .
            I’ m hoping you’d clearly agree when I say that most of what’s going on around is for all of us to see and benefit from .
            Question is how aware an individual is in approaching that cusp of science for their benefits .
            Science will continue to take us to the newer realms and we if not watching are but hearing about it …seeing fiction coming to life . We I think living in this age of Modern sciences are no less than any privileged ones .
            I’m proud to say that we are blessed to be living in an age where science thinks and makes it work …..all for the sole benefit of mankind.

          2. @blucon
            Regarding the 3d printing you may be right, it?ll be for all of us, though some advanced aspects of it would be disguised from it. I?m not pessimistic per se, and I very well wish that of all the sciences will expand our minds and work to the benefit of us, but besides the natural ambivalence in all things, there are certain things, that should be considererd. The establishments of this world, especially the anglo-american one, are clearly not friends to humanity, and since they?ve accumulated a staggering amount of power and wealth over the centuries, including the key postions in the medical research, its obvious, at least for me, that many of the developments are kept from us. In many books like “The Next Million years” or “Tragedy and Hope” they?re addressing the plan to dumb down, devolve and kill certain amounts of humanity. The agenda of transhumanism depicts two sides of the coin, the exponential evolution of the elite circles and the creation of degenerated gnomes, for the purpose of enslavement. Although it should be a pie in the sky so far, it is written on the wall and in their pretentious statements (Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, it wasn?t fiction, this guy told us what?ll come), that medicine will be used to control, to harm and eventually exterminate us, which is already happening today. Sad, very sad. What my point is, is that although we?ve seen so much progress so far, such an incredible acceleration of advances in our understanding of the world around us, there could be much more possible, that includes all areas of science.

          1. @ladybug, that is a mind-blowing concept. Think of all the good and bad things that could happen – imagine if the ‘printer’ malfunctioned and printed out only half a baby? Or the opposite, spat out 6, 7, 8…..

          2. @ladybug_lady2000 ……if that ever happens will you be the one to adopt one ?
            @Jewdy and just in case the printer malfunctioned I guess the sciences of tomorrow will see to its advanced levels where the stand by printer will take over to execute and finish up bio printing remainder of the baby later conjoining both halves to churn out in its cradle tray ” a darling lil bubbly cheeky ever farting baby who will not give up on mom’s Breasts.

          3. @blucon, hahahaaa, good on ya, mate. “Jewdy” just listen hear though sonny, you better not be calling me that all the time! πŸ™‚ LOL so funny! And your description of the repair jobs on the printer babies, well let me just say, I hope nobody really does create a 3D printer baby.

          4. Oh my goodness, if that was possible I would be like one of those old ladies with 100’s of kitties but instead of kitties I would have 100’s of printed babies. .lol that would be when I get older, I like to go clubbing too much to have all those printed babies right now.

          1. @Coochie Queef
            Brilliant I must say yours is quite a scholarly thought and doesn’t seem too far fetched either the way astonishing breakthrough are being made in the scientific realms ………. but what if ever it comes to get realized …………one never knows of the advances science may make in to the near or distant future …….things are happening slowly but surely.
            one can only imagine the Liquor and drug addicts will never ever have to worry then .

          2. Most things that we can imagine will be eventually realised, in secrecy or in the spotlight, there is no space for ethics in there.
            Still, when I look around, in my town, in my country, the progress in its beneficial meaning seems to decelerate or even came to a halt, at least since 2009. The are just few areas left, that are pushed forward, like the military or electronics, whilst key elements are being ignored and left for decay.

        1. Wow, you two, a LOT of innuendos being flung around there!
          @boozer, I can be a bit ‘squirmy’ about some vids too, this is not so bad, you’ll be right. I cannot watch surgery or cutting with a scalpel videos for some reason. πŸ˜‰

    1. @Little Foot ……… Your having mentioned in some of the past posts and I’m assuming that you belong to the Medical fraternity Before you go bowling seriously I know you need to answer this …
      Do people ever get to walk again normally after trauma and injury such as this . Supposing through some pioneering surgery and post graft and muscle mass build gain will the subject be able to walk again or will he have to rely on a stick or a crutch ? .Quite a big chunk of his flesh seems devoured (wonder what portion of the Bus was that ) but will surgery be able to reconnect each of the nerve endings and tissues in cohesion for the part to have it back breathing again and not go in to dying locally with decomposed body tissue.

      1. I’ll be completely honest @blucon, my specialty is cancer not injuries like this. I’m sure @YNEG would probably have a better answer but with all of the technology we have anything is possible. Will he be able to walk normally, I’m not sure. Even with tons of surgery and therapy he may still have a limp, need a walking stick and running could be out of the question. One thing I’ve learned though is that even though the human body has certain rules it tries to follow they are not set in stone. There are always going to be exceptions to those rules and someone out there will always defy the odds. As for this particular individual, I don’t know how much medical technology Brazil has so they may just sew him up and he’s got a useless leg for the rest of this life lol.

        1. Glad that you answered to the point lol.Your concluding lines @Little Foot say it all in this particular case .His is gonna be one useless leg for the rest of his life .
          I may add that “BRAZIL” is a country of the cursed no matter what .

    1. The scooterist I guess must have been coursing , scooting along side by side not much further away from one of the rear tires . And as it happens going this close to a metal monster mostly ends up in a disaster. A little of brush is enough to sway the whole of the rider and the vehicle and can leave both hurtling to the side . In this case the side of the Bus he was on to might have had grazed on to his calf muscle and the clump of flesh not visible at the accident site either must’ have remained clung or left pancaked by the tires or left way behind before the bus came to a halt.


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