Motorcyclist Collides With Car – Ends Up With Flattened Head

Motorcyclist Collides With Car - Ends Up With Flattened Head

Another dead Da Silva. A cursed last name in Brazil, probably someone with a really strong distaste for the name launched a Macumba or Voodoo spell on it and that was it, case closed, if your surname ends with either “Silva” or “Da Silva” (which basically only means “of Silva”) you’ll meet a tragic end, sooner or later. Perhaps the jew Daniel Radcliffe can help in this department, and unspell the curse. All those years spent at Hogwarts can’t be for nothing. I’m still wondering though why he hasn’t left to that other fictional place, one called Israel.

Anyway, back to Flipfloplandia, José António da Silva, who was driving a Honda CG 150 Titan, collided with a VW Gol in Agrestina, Pernambuco – Brazil. And he wasn’t wearing a helmet, to add to that. Obviously the car came out victorious and José got acquainted with the cement and found out how hard it really is. The look on his face is priceless though. He’s in disbelief, like the last thing that crossed his mind was “uh? Is this really happening?”. Yes, it did happen José.

The driver fled the scene but left the car, a really smart move.. Unless the car was stolen, then it’s a different story.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Dude, I gotta give props to mark, or whoever administrates the site nowadays. To search this stuff out EVERYDAY just to grace us with it is incredible. Superb. Keep up the good work/effort

        1. Da silva = Smith = Wong = Ng = Gomez = Singh = Patel= Chan= Garcia = M?ller= Jones= Nakamura =Smirnov = Nguyen= Martinez= Brown = Ono= Hernandez = Zhiang = Lee = Matsuhashi = Santos = Haas= Nikolov = Diaz

          Da Silva is a Portuguese surname that about 8% of the Brazilian population have as a last name. There are about 22,000,000 Da Silvas in Brazil. Santos is the second most common! But isn’t it funny how we never seem to hear of that one!

          1. Hey stomper : I’m not sure that Brown is the most popular anywhere, but in terms of common surnames in the western world, it’s right up there.

            Your name reminds me of the film ‘romper stomper’ with russel Crowe. I think it was his first feature film, but earned a cult following here. An interesting film although the plot wasn’t exactly my thing

          2. Cheers @Dutchy , yeah it is a common name . I remember romper stomper too though it’s a long while since I saw it . Not my fave either but each to theirs .

      1. Yeah I like that movie, I can watch it 100 times and not get bored, it’s a childhood movie you know like “the lost boys”, ” American werewolf in London”, ” the thing”, ” dazed and confused” etc.

  2. That faulty fucked up gene has struck again I see . Letting someone like this guy ride a high powered bike is akin to letting a monkey drive a school bus . Nothing good is gunna happen . I’m surprised he looks so surprised .

      1. Really man 250cc ? , that’s a quick bike for a learner , although I am no Barry Shean ! . Your roads are wider than ours mate I’m sure … more space . Have you ever fancied the Isle of Man @BC ?

          1. If you get a chance ewe, check out Ghost Rider. Not the movie with Nick Cage but a guy in Sweden has cameras on his bike doing extreme riding on the road. Holy Shit…

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