Motorcyclist Crashes Into Car and Dies with Multiple Fractures

Motorcyclist Crashes Into Car and Dies with Multiple Fractures

A motorcyclist crashed into a car on a road between the towns of Jupi and Jucati in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil and died with multiple fractures. There is a helmet next to his beat up body, which means that he either did not wear it properly fastened, or it was worn by his passenger.

You may notice that outside of countless flip flops worn by eye witnesses, there are four shoes at the accident scene – one is still on the motorcyclist, the other one is next to the motorcycle along with two more shoes which came off his passenger. While there was no saving the rider, the passenger was alive when the ambulance arrived and was taken to a hospital, but died en route.

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  1. My friend was trying to get me into motorcycles so i’d ride with him. He almost convinced me, until a van full of Mexicans slammed into a guard rail and he broke both his legs. I’ll stick with enclosed vehicles.

    1. Well, you can drive 50c bike without much problem. Danger comes when road is thick and you drive fast. That’s risky.

      In town you can drive scooter without much speed and you can squeeze everywhere easy and you avoid traffic jam lightly just drive your scooter safe but, when you need speed rush and sh. like that or you have long, out of city drive-car is nice option.

      Before BG i often use to consider buying a 250cc bike but i decided to stick with car when rush for speed come πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah I’m still a noob when it comes to bikes, so I’d have to go with something small. But I live in the south here in the US, I believe you get your ass kicked for riding a scooter here.

    2. I used to want to have a bike, my mother was allways agaisnt it. Then the son of my mother’s co-worker died in a motorcycle accident, slamming into a bus frontally at 200Kmph, and i see things like this on this site every week… meh, maybe just a chopper will do… πŸ˜†

    3. i have been riding motorcycles for a big part of my life. i believe there isnt a cyclist on this planet who hasnt fallen from his bike or had some kind of accident with it.
      it is dangerous.
      you are basically risking your life ( even from a minor accident) with exchange for cost efficiancy and speed. now i dont ride any longer because i dont need to risk as much and the speed thrill has decreased significantly.

        1. the final destination with that roller coaster scared me. When you get on a roller coaster you play that scene with the roller coaster breaking from final destination. You are freaked out pretty good once the damn thing starts.

      1. Indeed @bobcat. I’ve known way too many people who took that final ride.

        @Der Kopf. Pretty good movies. I forget which one, but the last scene where they’re sitting in the caf? and the truck annihilates them, that’s a good one. πŸ˜›

    1. not that much experience with bikes – borrowed a mates zxr 750 when i was 20 (and drunk), and came off it at a junction with a little kink before it that i failed to negotiate – was only going about 25-30mph, but it put me over the bars and skidding into two opposing lanes of traffic, van skidded to halt one side of me and a car the other….scared the living shit out of me i can tell you. but the truth is, im lucky i didnt kill someone.
      have never owned my own bike since, so have never really exorcised that fear.
      could even be a good thing?

      1. Wow, you were very lucky mate, more than lucky by the sound of it.
        Definitely a good thing in the long run in my opinion. I’d never knock anyone for enjoying riding big bikes, but as was proved with your experience @karnen, shit can happen so easily.
        Being drunk doesn’t help mind you, but we do daft things in our youth. My mate who didn’t return from his last ride, was drunk too. We all tried to persuade him not to go, but he’d only do his own. His accident is summat I think about almost every day.

  2. he died the ignoble and ignominious death of a dog for riding like an ASSHOLE which most do. I had 4 bikes and this never happened to me cuz I wasn’t a daredevil hot dog. The Ghost Rider is only a character but so many take him to heart and want to ride like Johnny Blaze. Hail Satan!!!!

  3. My Father used to coach a wheelchair basketball league at the high school where he taught. He had two types of players… Vietnam Vets (this was the early 1970’s) and… Motorcycle accident victims.

    They sure are fun… If you survive.

    1. The USA has horrible roads. There are pot holes that bury parts of your car. lmao especially in South Carolina. probably enough to cause someone to turn their bike over. once you leave South Carolina you do notice an improvement in the roads.

  4. Regarding the helmet, I’m thinking that he was wearing it, and shortly after the accident that one of the bystanders came and removed it from his head to check for vital signs, which would explain why it is set neatly on the ground next to his body.

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