Motorcyclist Crushed Between Two Trucks

Motorcyclist Crushed Between Two Trucks

This video is from the city of Tanjung Pinang – the capital of Riau Islands in Indonesia. A motorcyclist was crushed between two trucks. It would appear that the first truck stopped at the intersection, the motorcyclist stopped behind it but then the big truck came, miscalculated its braking power or for whatever other reason failed to stop in time, and rear ended the first truck with the motorcyclist pinned between them.

Poor guy ended up squished like a big bug. His flip flops departed too.

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    1. Haha, same thought process here also. I was so stoked, especially since we’ve all been talking about how rad it would be to see someone’s death or accident through the eyes of the person via helmet can or however else. Damn that was such a let down!

  1. Thank you skeletor for posting the right video…I can’t watch it…I was about to sign up for proChan then I saw Mexican boys light kitten on fire….NOPE…not doing it…………can someone fix this and put the right video up…thank you…

    1. @dread red
      pay attention to who your passing..keep clear of drivers like stupid women, soccer moms old folks and young people
      **best thing too is stop at a slight angle so your pointing to the left or right of car in front you so yu can pull out safely is car behind looks like gonna t-bone yu

      1. How about a heads up display in your helmet with rear view can/ range finder and warning system? It could calculate on coming mass, speed and nevesary braking distance for the incoming vehicle and hopefully provide plenty of warning. That said ill stick to 4 wheels.

          1. Christgrinder bg safety rules 101…rule #1…never…I repeat never wear flip flops when doing any dangerous activities….they WILL kill you and or make you witness to some some horrible accident or some shit….just don’t do it hun….

          2. Lw666, I love playing with fire and id like to witness a horrible accident so I can contribute another video to this site that I created instead of one I found on some other site but I promise ill never wear mandals while riding my bike.

  2. On my way to work this morning I ran a red arrow light going left and the traffic cameras took a picture of me but my license plate is sidemounted and I always have it facing my tires but I didnt have my mirrored faceshield down and I feel like the cameras took a picture of my face. Do you guys think ill be identified and that the ticket will arrive in the mail? Im pretty anxious about this. Whats the worst that can happen?

        1. nothing gonna happen christgrinder.

          the photo radar is set up to scan the license number so the private company that owns them (not cops) can mail out ticket to the corresponding drivers address. city pays them fee to put their cams up

          they have no on staff cops that gonna be sitting down trying to trace you on 2 numbers that show.

          1. damn i hope youre right on this. thanks a lot, kinda feel relieved. ive already been stopped 2x and no ticket. id like to keep it that way. if i wasnt 21 when i got stopped going on the freeway i wouldve been fucked for sure though.

          2. i save and smoke my worn out race tires burning out in front of the Halifax Metro Center before metal shows in of all 6 cams
            *not much fucking left to see either 😉
            *Booger burnouts shit 25 ft high x half a city block and enuff carbox blueprint to choke jesus and satan and city cams

          3. cops fucking live me..and ficking crazy about Booger!
            *one bought a 1984 amc cj7 232 engine jeep quadra tracked , lifted on corvette rims, custom welded bush bar, custom in-cab beer fridge welded titanium ammo box (for mother fucker alpine amp) with custom polyurathane with metal flake and clearcoat paint job done free for me by hells angell’s bike mural artist terry cromby.
            *cops and air canada pilots love buying my camaros or what ver the hell im driving ir selling or fixing

  3. So I saw the real video finally…I must say I love the yellow rainboots…also what was that one guy doing next to the dead guy…ummm…you don’t need to check for a pulse dude….he’s squashed between those trucks pretty tight…he’s dead!!…

      1. Ummm yeah…it was worth it I think…..they have all kinds of videos..if the funny ones are clean I’ll show my kid some..but then again everything is worth something to someone isn’t it….I’m sorry I’m really medicated right now…

  4. I couldn’t watch the link so I googled prochan. It came up I clicked the viral video choice. Again all I got was the white blank screen.
    Can someone tell me if this is down to davie Cameron filtering ‘porn’?

    1. I think its your Cameron blocker shit. Man england is going to shit, how sad cause i got English/scottish blood and wanted to visit someday but I doubt I ever will now. Keep fighting for the English whirly and Scottish and Irish respectively stage door and others from the UK.

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