Motorcyclist Crushed and Smeared by Flatbed Truck in Garut, Indonesia

Motorcyclist Crushed and Smeared by Flatbed Truck in Garut, Indonesia

In Garut, a town in West Java, Indonesia, a motorcyclist was fatally run over, crushed and smeared on the road by a flatbed truck. I have two videos of the aftermath, but neither provided me with a conclusive hint as to the biker’s gender. I assume they haven’t gone all whacked in their noggin in Indonesia yet, so that bullshit with five dozen genders does not apply there. But even with just two, I couldn’t reliably tell which one the victim was.

The first video is a short ride by the accident scene that provides a nice view of the smear:

The second video shows the responders picking up the mangled remains and collecting them on a tarp for transfer to a morgue, I suppose:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Crushed and Smeared by Flatbed Truck in Garut, Indonesia”

    1. I heard they use pavement to wipe their ass down there, his hemorrhoids must of been flaring considering all the blood mixed in with the shit skid he left on the street. I’m hungry think I’ll go make a peanut and jelly sandwich.

    1. Within no time there will be one entrepreneuring person,
      who will deploy his pop-up store over that stain and starts yelling out loud:

      “Get your finely truck’n tarmac grinded wok pasta right here while its fresh”

  1. Love the one guy cleaning the spilled guts and brains up bare handed.. I would also say by looking at the type and size of shoes it was a male tall by being flatten!!!! Wonder what a steam roller would do to a person if ran over….

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