Motorcyclist Dies Barefoot in Pool of Blood

Motorcyclist Dies Barefoot in Pool of Blood

I believe this happened in Indonesia. The video shows the rainy day aftermath of a fatal accident between a motorcyclist and a vehicle that’s either a hatchback or an SUV.

The motorcyclist is barefoot and dead on the road. A large amount of blood appears to have oozed out of the head despite the helmet. The vehicle is parked in somebody’s shack that looks like it was used as a roadside store of sorts.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Dies Barefoot in Pool of Blood”

    1. I love motordeathists, though.

      Lots of negatives with karma in this post:
      Raining wet road
      Motorcycle being used as transportation
      Motorcyclist is Asian
      Probably was wearing flip flops that probably flew off
      Driver of SUV is more than likely Asian

  1. There sure is a lot of debris on the road and it goes for a long stretch. I’m kinda thinking it was mostly all there before the accident although I’m sure a few of those stores went out of business right afterwards.

  2. I’ma motorcyclist too. Seeing this tons and tons of gory stories involving motorcycle accidents makes me want to sell my motorcycle. it just that i have been using it now for many years back and forth from home to school. and now that i have just graduated, i don’t use it everyday now. bestgore helped and awaken me to be aware of the dangers in the road while riding a motorcycle. from now then i have been very double careful especially when making my way on the national highway wherein the traffic way is full of ignorant drivers with licences acquired through the help of “fixers”

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