Motorcyclist Dies Rear-Ending Semi-Trailer at High Speed in Thailand

Motorcyclist Dies Rear-Ending Semi-Trailer at High Speed in Thailand

A Thai motorcyclist killed himself by rear ending a semi trailer parked on the side of the road. He must not have paid due attention cause a semi is not something you can easily not notice being there. The motorcyclist apparently did not wear a safety helmet and traveled at a high rate of speed.

The accident happened in Nakhon Ratchasima in the province of Isan in eastern Thailand.

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    Learning a new language is fun! I think I’m getting it now. Thanks Ate!

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    I guess for some guys any hole is a goal.

      1. Dont know man… It is thailabd after all, isnt the dead guy a lil old to turn anybody on over there? Wouldnt he of gotten better entry if he was like 5 or 6? I bet ya if he was that age he could of went twice the spread and still got a nice, marshmallow like entry 😀

  3. I see what happened, He opted for having a Cuddly toy on his head instead of a helmet, A fly went into one eye, that screwed up his depth perception and…at least he left us a great set of pics.

  4. Eheh “Panus”… Pain-us… x)

    Anyways, new guy here, been lurking on the site for quite a while (watching you on your sleep and all (jk)), since all the others i used to go are either down or no longer providing updates like BloodShows or CharonBoat… So i tought that was time for me to come out of the shadows and greet you all. (…not that i believe that anyone cares anyways.)

    I did had time to see how this site is different from others, and im impressed with its way to see things in a general level, so i believe i can trully feel like home here. 🙂

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