Motorcyclist Decapitated After Crashing

Motorcyclist Decapitated After Crashing

The video depicts the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. I don’t have any background information, but the video shows the motorcyclist decapitated, with his head on one side of the road, and his body all the way on the other side of the median strip.

There is also a vehicle on fire, which could be his motorcycle. It happened in Brazil. Cameraman did great job filming ground.

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          1. hey it’s not so bad at least now a bunch of bg memebers are laughing at his disgrace…i just hope it doesn’t “get to his head” 😆

        1. My arm is good, required 6 stitches. I know it’s not a whopper, but it was only thing I had to fit a profile pic for this great site. Too bad I can’t take pics and vids of some of the things I see on my job! I would surely upload. Damn you Hippa! Lol

      1. If I hear the ‘joke’ “you’re pun-ny” again I’m going to blow my lid like this guy.

        This happened to my former brother in law and now I’m glad I finally got the see the truth of what happened. Damn censorship round these parts! Family doesn’t even get to know what random strangers walk up and likely film with their cellphones just like anywhere else, only we are prohibited from seeing it, as if it doesn’t exist.

        I wanna see some true non-member gore from the states, damn it!

    1. @Hanabi Is that you? I am a fan of yours (no stalker) and I missed your comments like “yayyy, beheadings!”. So this post must be right up your alley. I’ve only been logging into the site since summer, but lurking a few years, long enough to read your stuff. Keep checking in!

    2. Are you real? I mean all of the people using avatars are you guys using your own ones? If you are real, you damn sexy, I love when I see womens posting on bestgore. especially when it comes to yummi yummi yum heads

        1. I’d be more than happy to! Lol My wife has been baking like crazy for the holidays. I know she’s glad it’s over, but told her after we relocate, she’s just gonna hafta get used to it again! She wants to open her own bakery. She can do that while I open a Cajun restaurant! Lol

  1. From the video: He hit the guard rail. Apparently there was someone else on the bike as well, they just said he’s “sittitng there” but they dont mention if hes alright or wounded or dead. They mention something about “they were robbing someone”… 😕 odd…

  2. He has such a peaceful look on his face. Maybe he was getting a little ?road head? when it happened?

    Yeah i said it earlier….but i really like ROAD HEAD!!! Get it??? ROAD HEAD? Laugh dammit!!!

  3. I waited on the bus that never came to run his head over so it would make a popping sound like a coconut or it being Brazil a few of the locals to start kicking his head around like a soccer ball.

  4. From what i could understand, the severed head belongs (or belonged) to the one who was in the back seat of the motorcycle. Apparently the pilot lost control and crashed a kawasaki (on fire in the footage) in the sidewalk, according to what a passer-by says. The pilot survived, but his friend didn’t have that luck. The cameraman’s accent indicates that this accident happened in the city of Sao Paulo.
    Sorry for my poor english.

  5. I speak fluent “Chink” (ya, right) and it seems the whole point of the conversation was to understated why a real “Chink” would want to die driving a…..a…….a…bicycle with a “Real small penis….er… engine” without having been an influential part of …..of……(Fuck) Asia! I think he was a Ladyboy.

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