Motorcyclist Dies Colliding with Truck in Agrestina

Motorcyclist Dies Colliding with Truck in Agrestina

This accident happened in the city of Agrestina, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. A motorcyclist died colliding with a truck. One of the photos shows safety helmet next to the dead motorcyclist so it’s fair to assume that he had it with him, though it’s questionable whether he was actually wearing it, or whether he had it properly fastened. I don’t know what the problem of many motorcyclists is not fastening their helmets securely. You might as well not have it if it’s gonna fly off your head when you need it the most.

Judging by the damage to the truck, the motorcyclist ran into it at a very high velocity. He would die even if he wore his helmet properly, but that’s because safety helmet is not a substitute for safe riding.

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