Motorcyclist Dies Horrific Death After Collision with a Semi Truck

Motorcyclist Dies Horrific Death After Collision with a Semi Truck

This motorcyclist was no match to a size and weight of a semi-trailer truck he got into collision with and his remains are a proof of it. The boy was brutally mangled after he fell under the wheels of a large automobile. One could easily assume that this motorcyclist was “totally leveled” by that fully loaded semi truck. I don’t know where or when this accident took place, but the newspaper his dead body is covered with has articles in English. That part is a bit confusing as everything else in the photos seems to suggest some perhaps Latino American country.

The reason I assume this is a body of a motorcyclist is because of the helmet that is right by the dead body. He was obviously caught pretty badly under the wheels of the semi truck and got destroyed to no avail. Truly a horrific way to go, even though he probably didn’t suffer too long. Still, what’s left of him is nowhere near pretty.

The gallery with photos of the motorcyclist who died a horrific death under the wheels of a semi truck he got in collision with is below. Little blood loss, but extreme damage to the body temple:

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21 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Dies Horrific Death After Collision with a Semi Truck”

  1. How can you tell there are articles in English there?

    Also, I spotted some double L’s and a Y, common letter in Spanish, I guess

    (I am a native Portuguese speaker, so I can’t be completely sure)

  2. phillipines, it seems to me. a fair amount of two wheeler vehicles, english speaking(there is an article in english on the paper there) and mongoloid.

  3. This is in the Philippines. The plate numbers there are composed of three letters and three numbers. The background of the plate is white and the characters are green. Plus, there is a jeepney in the background so this is confirmatory.

  4. this is terrible. i cannot believe there are people who would disrespect the dead this way. unfortunately for you, everyone reaps what he/she sows. this is just cruel.

  5. This happened in the Philippines in Quezon City (part of Manila). Happened during early morning rush hour when a taxi hit the motorcyclist from the left side back. Apparently there was a semi on right and he fell on the path of the rear tires. There are more pictures from this accident emailed to me a week after the accident happened sometime 2008 tho I am not the contributor of these pics here. Pics were taken from a hi res fonecam.

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