Motorcyclists Encounter Sudden Death When They Collide Head On with Truck

Motorcyclists Encounter Sudden Death When They Collide Head On with Truck

A very short video from Morocco appears to show a wedding procession driving down a road. There is also a pair on a motorcycle riding parallel to the cars in the oncoming lane. The rider suddenly notices a large truck literally meters away going right toward them. He slams on the breaks and tries to decide in a split second which way to go in order to dodge the truck, but instead ends up colliding with it head on.

I don’t see a possibility of this encounter ending any other way than as sudden death for the motorcyclists. They saw this large object coming directly at them, and then there was nothing.

Part of the cause also appears to be the supposed wedding car driving too far out to the left. If it was in the middle of its lane, like the other cars were, the bikers would have had enough room to stay between the cars on the right and the truck on the left. That however doesn’t excuse them of reckless riding as had they rode in line, they wouldn’t have entered the harm’s way.

Props to Best Gore members Xaphy and Moroccan_Boy for the video:

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      1. What a bunch of fool. How do you simply NOT see a semi coming towards you, in the lane you really shouldn’t have been in in the first place, in broad daylight?

        Seems the cycle driver wasn’t really paying attention to what was ahead of him. Seems he was trying to get the attention of the car’s occupants to his right shortly before impact.

        1. Just a classic case of stupid in stressfull situations. I have often wondered why in the fuck a person would correct a skid the wrong way. He sees traffic slow and instead of pulling his brake and turning to his right he turns left…..where the other lane is….and a semi….oncoming traffic….. The wrong way….9 times out of ten….stupid…. Any person on or in any vehichle should instinctivly avoid danger… Alas they do not…… Most people when driving seem to prefer self inflicted physical retirement. For whatever reason. Or maybe its just a matter of balancing names in a book. In which case if your name is yui, da silvia or smith you should consider a change of name.

  1. The wedding party can tie what ever is left to the rear bumper of those shit boxes their driving. It’s a wedding !! Don’t let shit spoil your special day. 🙂

    1. Why are they all gay ? Last wedding I went to the planner made a speech about how it was his first event of the season blah blah blah like the couple was getting married just so he could throw a gay party. And of course everyone got food poisoning, 90% of us had it coming out both ends for three days. 😉

      1. Lmfao Oh that’s awful @rayf, sorry to laugh but every time I hear someone talk about having a bad case of diarrhea it brings up a visual image that makes me laugh like a kid. Unless of course your the one inflicted!!!!!

  2. I don’t think the guy driving the bike intended to turn to the left… I think he saw the truck coming after beginning to overtake, slammed on his front brake and the front wheel skidded unpredictably, he turned to the left to correct it but then had no time to get out of the way of the truck… Unlucky.

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