Biker Fatally Collides with Tricycle in Philippines

Carton Used As Cordon-Off Tape

Biker Fatally Collides with Tricycle in Philippines

I didn’t get any backinfo with the pics, but plates seem to suggest the accident happened in the city of Cauayan in the province of Isabela, the Philippines.

By the look of it, a biker fatally collided with a tricycle by t-boning it on what looks like a straight road. Seeing as this happened in the Philippines, I can imagine the trike rider taking a sudden U-turn on the road, and the biker speeding and not being able to react in time.

Props to Best Gore member @stuffz for the pics:

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63 thoughts on “Biker Fatally Collides with Tricycle in Philippines”

          1. I know that place “Home of the Rub-A-Stud Burger”
            Run by a 300lb gal, who, for a nominal charge, will take you out back for the Rub-A-Stub special, I believe she called it the “Round The World”.

          2. I’m left kinda confused please be specific as to what that Rub-A-Stub special might be which the 300lb gal calls “Round The World” ?

      1. He was clearly speeding just behind the vehicle perhaps a few meters away as soon as they took the turn he had no time to slow down and avoid collision totally on this knuckle head fault for his own demise.

        1. Great ! it appears you’ve sketched it out already how the series of events must have unfolded leading to the fatal crash . The biking idiot must have been tailing the trike at close quarters but when the brakes were suddenly applied by the trike rider all hell broke lose since the biker was without the helmet and without any
          room to negotiate in any direction being that close ,at
          that point the collision was unavoidable .That’s how the biker ended up losing his life because he was negligent and rash .

          1. Always been a fan of motorcycle since I was kid but after seeing all horror fatal crushes On this site, it’s since then changed my perspective on wanting to own one myself ill stick to driving my car. Fuck that ill hate to die in a Fatal collision for joyriding on a motorcycle.

          2. @darkmatter95 let not watching the horror stuff , seeing
            people get killed riding bikes ; be a deterrent in marring
            your passion for something you were once a fan of .
            Motorbikes are great fun to go with .On the contrary being here makes ya more alert and typically warns ya how to go about your life keeping dangers aside and not to tinker with something you ain’t fond of . Most of the bike accidents happen in ASIA .When the safety norms are well adhered to accidents are mostly kept at bay .

        1. Tricycle herein referred to is the bigger cousin of little red tricycle ridden as a trishaw or a velotaxi , how one may choose to name it as. Moreover one has to have a licence riding it beside its meant for ferrying passengers to short and long distances

  1. also… just saying..

    i just noticed the ID plate of the bike. holy shit that should take like a year for the cops to find back a stolen bike.

    i mean .. 0201-00000952124. WTF

    if you are a witness of a crime, good luck to remember the ID of a bike in wich a criminal drive away.

  2. The biker and the driver of the three wheeler rickshaw will be good to go once the mechanic fixes up the snag and shifts away the cardboard. Seems like the bent over fella in that blue overall will leave nothing to chances .

  3. all these lawn mower engines pollute 6 times more than a car. Those fucking Jeepnies with their black soot and trumpet exhausts. Gas is about $6 a gallon in the Phils and those jalopies get about 8 miles to the gallon.
    the Phils is just this basket case. Flying over the islands? everything is denuded except perhaps a scraggly cap of brush on the tops of the mountains. There is a kind of desperation there among the people, and those false smiles and calling you Sir are just hiding their impatience at fleecing every kano they meet, getting as much as they can as fast as they can. And woe to the kano kuripot.. Being a cheap stingy fuck will find out REAL fast the true nature of those “hey joes” or “hi friend” you encounter.

    just an undertone of fear in those islands, Most tourists never see it, oblivious.. gaga-eyed over being treated like Bwana. Yes.Sir… For you, sir.

    Plus the place is the noisiest on Earth. An entire population who insists on the full volume, tearing the speakers but they just dont care. Noise means happy. Screeching chicken and kids, and mutts everywhere. That’s the Philippines. the grinning, greedy subjects of a Spanish King.

    1. Hey now my 1963 thunderbird gets about 8 miles to the gallon but at least I am driving in style, 460 cubic inches of big block ford style. Now if only I didn’t need to replace the rear tires every month.

  4. I wonder if that trike is made by the same outfit that makes the Popemobile because it sure is ugly enough.
    What kind of horses ass would ride around in that thing, looking like a retard waving bye bye to the crowd. The only bigger fool is the one peddling it.

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