Motorcyclist First Doored, Then Run Over

Motorcyclist First Doored, Then Run Over

I swear something like this is only possible in Asia. Especially the running over part, whereby the driver, instead of slamming on the brake when he hits something, continues to drive until the obstacle has been run over with both sets of wheels.

It’s a CCTV video from either China, or Taiwan. A motorcyclist is riding down a road when some dimwit, who couldn’t be bothered to check his mirrors to ensure the road was clear, knocked him off the bike by opening the door in his face. You can tell that he was a dimwit cause after the motorcyclist was run over, his sole concern was his door not closing. The dimwit basically blocked half the lane on a double solid line when he doored the motorcyclist.

And then comes the van driver – dimwit #2. It can’t be explained any other way than by DWA why he did not attempt to brake until he was over the motorcyclist. Call it stereotyping all you want, but the truth is that they simply cannot drive.

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  1. A China first: The driver actually stopped. If the vid continued, you would see the driver of the van rifling the motorcyclist’s wallet and then speeding off…. Which would be typical of these characters…

    I see them here in Saipan….. A completely alien view of human life. I have yet to scratch the surface of their mind set here and I am not sure I want to. Even the surface is damn ugly.

          1. Hey @ judge ,nice to have you.back my man ,,we’re all still here lol
            Hey did y’all see when the van hit him first then somehow his entire body just stood up for a split second,if y’all missed it look agian its wicked.

          1. Boozer is one tough motherfucker, it will will take more than that to keep him off the bike!! And didn’t know you were unwell either @Dutchy?

          1. Boozer, yeah I win. But metal & wire to hold your leg together shows a solid injury mate.

            @Judge, I went to Latin America for a holiday and in Colombia, while smashed, fell down a metal stair case in a nightclub. The next night, I was on a plane to Caracas, Venezuela but I never made it. I went unconscious on the plane which then diverted to Bogota. The last thing I remember is a mild headache and feeling really
            anxious. Then when I woke up in the universidad catholica hospital on a ventilator after an operation to remove a blood clot in my brain, two days before as they kept me in a opioid induced coma for a while. After getting transferred to Santiago, Chile had another operation to put the piece of my skull back in, then recuperated for a couple for a couple of weeks before getting transferred back to Australia, where I spent another two weeks in hospital, before getting out about 2.5 weeks ago. Not allowed to drive for at least 6 months, have another 3 months off work and am bored as bat shit, coz I don’t live in town or close to public transport. But have had heaps of visitors bringing heaps of food, and some nice smoko and had smoked some opium last week too, which was not as pleasant as I remember probably because I have developed a bit of an opioid tolerance now being on strong painkillers for a couple of months now…….but I am ok, it’s nothing that can’t be returned to normal with a couple of months of physio and ‘activities of daily living rehab that I attend 3 days a week. I’m a bit slow with
            everything, but cant complain as it could have very easily been a lot worse. I found out the other day that my travel insurance bill wad finalized at $130,000. I assume cost of plane charter was hefty as I was transferred Bogota to Santiago in a gulf stream jet which would have been ok, if I was able to remember more of it. Do remember the Andes Mountains as we came into Santiago though. I looked at my nurse and thought how cool it would be if this journey ended by,nonviolent crash into Andes, not getting found for a while meaning my nurse and i had to eat each others bodies for days at a time, just to help with basic warmth and comfort……..

          2. @Dutchy

            WHOAH!! That’s crazy man I had no idea. Great to see you back on here anyway! I wish you the very best buddy. And lol at the nurse haha

  2. How typical that that the one guy in the equation that did nothing wrong gets the shitty end of the stick, and the other 2 ignorant self-absorbed cunts come out of it fine. Although their attitude comes as no surprise, they run over babies and don’t give a fuck. As for their standard of driving…

  3. Many Asians are unable to tolerate alcohol because they lack a liver enzyme responsible to break it down. So they don’t drink……

    But by fuck, do they make up for their low number of drink drivers in other ways……

      1. Yes, it’s pretty common. 50% of Asians affected. It’s call the Asian Flush Syndrome or
        the Asian Glow. In Japan even higher, about 80% of the population not able to tolerate acetylaldehyde, an ethanol metabolite because they lack a liver enzyme that breaks down the metabolite. This is really toxic shit and causes severe facial and systemic hot flushes, and large red welts and itchy skin in those who are affected and if they drink alcohol. This is what kills affected and non affected teenagers with in
        acute alcohol poisoning.

        that kills in acute alcohol poisoning. Most simply

  4. Yeah, but then you have all the rural videos of things happening in China where people actually seem to care, e.g. the tibetan mastiff attacking a small child and then people rush to her aid with clubs and things.
    Compare that to the video where a 2-year old boy is run over by a 3-wheeler and then a lady comes and puts the dying kid among the trash!
    If you live in a big city – you’re brain’s kinda shitty.
    I think that sums it up – all over actually.

  5. I did that once, opened a passenger car door and knocked and old black guy of his bicycle. I felt terrible, I ride pushbikes here and know you have to watch every parked car to make sure some twat doesn’t open their door without looking and knock you off. Luckily he was just a bit stunned but I had been a total idiot.

    1. I used to have a trick… I’d look into the car door mirror and check to see of there was anyone in the car. If so, I was especially careful when passing. I did a lot of cycling a ways back, too. Cheap and healthy transpo.

      What’s a push bike?

  6. I am fascinated how accident causing Ching chong doesn’t have one fleeting thought towards the poor victim.
    Just straightens his door and pulls a phone out. What a cunt.

    How the fuck do chinks get that unsympathetic, Is it familial/cultural/caused by their food?

    1. Cultural, in my view. The focus is completely on the family and nothing else. Confucius saw this and tried to apply the concept of family responsibility and morals on to the Government.

      Clearly, he failed miserably…

  7. I’ve lived with chinese, and it always makes me shriek with laughter at their faces when you beat them bloody for their stupidity. It’s like they just can’t imagine that someone would use violence upon them just because they were selfish and stupid. Too bad the doored biker didn’t get a chance to hammer that slope’s face into mush.

    1. @ibogaine66 – hello mate, nice to meet you.

      sorry to go off topic – but regarding your BG screen-name ….do you have any personal experience with that substance?
      i am genuinely very interested to hear about it if you have.
      regards, Karmen40

        1. Did/do you take it recreationally – or as a “remedy” for another addiction?
          if you answer was the latter, did it help? if yes how? a course of treatment or single dose?
          what was the experience like?
          just anything that you can tell me from personal experience really- anything that you can tell me i will be interested in. i have read accounts, but only by people recounting other peoples experiences.
          first time ive spoken to anyone who has first hand experience.
          i believe it can be a pretty intense and deep experience, so if anything you have to say is too personal for here- i can leave an email address, let me know
          and thanks for you quick reply, i appreciate it

  8. Living in California you’ll see fuckers like this all the time. They can’t drive worth a shit because they just got off the boat and it’s their first time driving a car. I’ve seen dumbshits (mostly women) drive into trees. Go over sidewalks and hit hydrants, to them tearing someones door off, hitting people and not giving a single fuck about the people only their car. To backing out and hitting other cars because they can’t use their fucking mirrors. It’s a like death trap when you travel around those areas. Holy shit.

  9. I went to china for a month and was in a car accident while in a was minor but It goes to show how crazy their driving is,they drive like they all need to get to a hospital or something,they’re very impatient. I’m not saying all Asians drive like this it’s just what i witnessed first hand while in china

  10. That’s stupid!
    There are many idiots, who open the door without watching. Sometimes I hope, that they get crushed by a car, that drive in their door.
    But that’s shit, this idiot opens the door and hits a biker, who get smashed by another car. It seems that the car drove over his head and carried him for a while.
    I think he has severe injuries or he’s dead.
    That’s really bad karma.
    What a idiot car driver, it should encounter him.

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