Motorcyclist Hit by Truck Strangely Twitches Before Dying

Motorcyclist Hit by Truck Strangely Twitches Before Dying

I don’t know where this video is from. It shows the aftermath of what I presume ended up being a fatal collision between a motorcyclist and a truck.

The biker is shows twitching strangely on the road, apparently due to brain herniation caused by slamming his head against a hard surface. This lead to pressure on the brain, resulting in “coning”, whereby the brain is forced into the space at the base of the skull, causing the irreversible compression of brainstem.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Either that or he got on his motorcycle while asleep and collided with the truck but doesn’t know it yet and he’s still riding his motorcycle.
      Brrmm… Brrmm… (revs up) Get outta the way motherfuckers!!!

      1. Hi there and thanks for the info;however, is all bottled water ‘Ganges’? I am very curious as does explain why numerous videos (from India) show water being poured on the fatally injured. Thanks.

        1. @brendalee
          India is a big country river Ganges flows only through few province so the water aint available easily even if it is people keep it in their prayer rooms in their house hindus tend to have small prayer rooms in their house,any clean drinking water though can be given to a person in such situation it is considered a kind act in Hinduism.

  1. This Man is experiencing a (Grand marl) seizure, from what medical professionals sometimes refer to as a (TBI) or more specifically a “Traumatic Brain Injury” and because of the amount of damage, he sustained to his brain during a serious impact, swelling on the brain stem as indicated by Mark is oftentimes fatal. But if somebody survives a (TBI) their lives become adversely affected, with motor skills, emotions, and their abilities to communicate effectively with others, becoming challenging to say the least.

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