Motorcyclist on Kawasaki ZX-10 Crashes Into Trailer (HD + Slo Mo)

Motorcyclist on Kawasaki ZX-10 Crashes Into Trailer (HD + Slo Mo)

Nice ragdoll action in high definition and in slow motion in this video.

Three motorcyclists were riding down a road when a truck hauling a trailer started to turn onto a dirt road. That swung the trailer slightly into the road and one of the motorcyclists – riding a Kawasaki ZX-10 crashed into it, sending himself flying forward while turning impressive somersaults.


The video is from Paxville, South Carolina and was recorded on August 4, 2012. The motorcyclist survived the crash with only a broken arm and a broken leg but had to be airlifted to the hospital. Props to Best Gore members langonet for the update and tindandelion for correction about location:

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74 thoughts on “Motorcyclist on Kawasaki ZX-10 Crashes Into Trailer (HD + Slo Mo)”

      1. Big Note: The rider we see at the beginning on the side is not the one that crashed. Another unseen Motocyclist who was traveling much faster came up from behind and struck the trailer. YOu can tell from the amount of impact and the color of the different motocycles.

    1. This thing is not from Russia (no one has trucks and trailers like that and their roads are not nearly that good), and not from Australia (they drive on the left side). The only place in the world it could possibly be is here in the U.S. No one else stripes their roads the way we do. It’s probably a fake all the way around.

  1. If the dude would have been paying attention we would have missed out on his impressive somersault action. Good thing he was wearing a helmet since his head hit the pavement during his nice quality landing.

    I give the video quality a 10+. Not common to see such action in Hi Def.

  2. There are 3 bikes on this vid, and not only 2.
    1-the one holding the videocamera
    2-the one we can see at the first seconds of the video, RED bike, slowing when the Pick-up takes the turn
    3-ORANGE one, crazy dude driving like an asshole, and dying as a snackbarist: like an dumbass.

    Even I used to be a bike rider: hilarious vid, he deserved it totally.

      1. Thanks hun. It probably was horrible. I didn’t go to the scene though. As long as its quick, I actually envy those who get to finally leave this craphole of a world:P not that I’m suicidal. I just think this world really sucks sometimes.

  3. I don’t think the guy died he probably busted the shit out of a bunch of bones but unless he landed right on his head or he got massive internal bleeding that couldn’t be stopped he most likely survived that gnarly flip…on another note it crazy how crotch rockets explode in to pure plastic shit when ever they hit something…pieces of crap.

  4. In the future, when I (yet again) start to get the bright idea to buy a bike…. I will watch this vid and that should kill that idea instantly// I don’t take alot of chances, but you really don’t have to take chances to die just like that while on a bike… Other drivers can make that happen to you on a bike aswell//

  5. Here is a news flash!!!! we are all gonna die.. I know thats shocking but nobody has gotten out of life without death yet. So what im trying to say is who cares how you die, when you die, or whatever. If driving a bike like a pissed off teenage girl is your deal then fuck ya do it all you can. I just wanna go out big who cares how.

  6. Most probably broken neck finished his story but if its not broken he can be alive with a simple shoulder break, in such flights you are lucky if you dont meet a traffic light, refuge or stockade, if you meet one of these on the flight you wont need to turn your head to see your ass.
    Ps: Badmouthing the riders is a common practise for cowards though nobody blames their being a sheep… everybody takes his own risk.

  7. WOW thats some scary shit! i personally have seen one of my close friends do something similar to at on a 600cc quad! he flew over the bars did about 2 flips before he hit a tree! he broke his cloar bone broke his back in 3 places shattered his right arm cracked 5 ribs with the rest severely bruised he broke a few other bones too but its taken him like a year and a half to fully recover!

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