Motorcyclist Left Foot at Accident Scene

Motorcyclist Left Foot at Accident Scene

Judging by the flip-flops, this appears to have happened in a Latin America country.

A motorcycle is overturned with a foot amputated nearby. A long ways away from the scene of the accident the rider is on the road with foot in disrepair.

With no helmet on, he gives a peace sign to the cameraman. I sense the rider may have soiled himself with piss after soiling the asphalt with his blood.

The speed traveling must have been great, if his foot took a run for it after separating from him.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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30 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Left Foot at Accident Scene”

  1. How does ‘Hokey Pokey’ go? .. You throw your left foot in, and you shake it all about..
    Plus, I love the way he is ordering 2 cold beers from the onlooker, not just 1!
    Fuck! He’s gonna need at least 2 tonight, plus some bong!

  2. After all ; years of biking helped him succeed in streaking the asphalt bloody red but what did the road offer him in return is a point that needs to be mulled over ……alright he is left as an amputee with prosthetics screaming out to brace that mangled mess of flesh and bones. ……Beside the bike took about sixty percent of the toll shattering in bits and pieces caressing few yards of the stretch ; never mind that ; but to resurrect it would take a lot of cash but that can wait as he won’t be riding it no more . Its gonna be a showpiece sitting at home good for nothing unless he decides to sell the monster over.
    Well lastly ;he was courteous enough in ordering two hamburgers one each for him and the cameraman after all ya can’t do it all ,on a hungry stomach.
    @honkeykong hats off to ya for bringing in the best

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