Motorcyclist Plowed Over by Truck, Remains Spread Across Road

Motorcyclist Plowed Over by Truck, Remains Spread Across Road

A motorcyclist was literally plowed over by a truck and destroyed out of human form. His remains and motorcycle debris were spread across a large stretch of the road. The extent to which his body was torn apart has got to be one of the worst we’ve ever seen at Best Gore.

When someone gets steamrolled over like that, it’s hard to even suggest what he could have done to avoid getting killed. So I’m just gonna make a general statement – be cautious on the road folks, and always err on the side of safety. I’m sure this dude did not plan on getting chewed up and spit out before he sat on on his steel horse, but that’s how it goes. Traffic does not discriminate and none of us is made of steel. Don’t ever assume for one second that it could not happen to you.

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  1. I thought all that black thing was a part of the bike lol,all that armor and “cool” stuff for end up like this? I really want to see his parents reaction when thy recognize the corpse lol

    1. Well thats disappointing…now youre just pandering-its lower than actually desiring to witness choking grief cuz its transparently gruesome approval-seeking.Not cool..or IS IT? That should make you happy to be considered lower than all those average people saying they thirst for an even higher level of depravity…no? FINE then.i will just say it for you-you clearly need this…..Ohhh the dastardly glee this beautiful yet misanthropic goth sex kitten is expressing!Shes like….so hardcore to say that right?My god she must b so twisted ..Shes my queen-my dark goddess-my evil Empress-she so goddamn baaad..I must kill her-no I must BE killed BY her…shes Nancy Im Sid..She intrigues me-the evil part of me(duh)…

          1. Lol @eat therich you don’t have an idea of how am I sometimes I scare my self of things I do,looks like you already have fantasies of me killing you right? lol,but it wouldn’t be funny for you 🙂 @odgoso is right my family is rich so I am too

  2. He looks as if he threw up an entirely separate person!!! By the way was that bike still running? If so that’s one hell of a testimonial to it’s toughness.

  3. If they had heated him up in the microwave for a minute he would have spread a lot more evenly across the road, although some do like it chunky. I’m a no bits kinda guy myself, although I do appreciate the effort this guy put into his demise. He’d make good food at the local zoo now.

      1. Well now-to be fair-cocaine IS fun..Plus who are we to question gods will? LoL I honestly do find it to be unfortunate as well-why not funny guys who SHOULD die-like CarrotTop?sorry to say this but-Robin Williams..

  4. I’m driving 50cc scooters for quite a time. Since 1998. Had a few close calls, even fell off the bike once because a stupid fuck of a woman violated a stop sign. Luckily for me, I was wearing a safety helmet. I’m really fortunate that I am living in a small city somewhere in Europe, where people drive relative carefully respecting the road safety regulations. Not like those apeshits from those fucked up asian and southern american shitholes.

  5. Deliciously fascinating, this is a rare degree of annihilation. I’m left wishing the whole accident had been caught on one of those super detailed 1000 frames per second slo-mo cameras.

  6. Giblets and chitterlings…Didn’t deserve the Buell, a true fan would have left the bike in pristine condition. This unappreciative fool should have parked the bike and thrown his worthless soul in front of the truck to shield that wonderful bike from harm….some people…sigh

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