Motorcyclist Rams Parked Car, Dies Embedded In It

Motorcyclist Rams Parked Car, Dies Embedded In It

We’ve seen motorcyclists embedded in vehicles before, and it tends to happen mostly in Brazil.

Here’s another one of those overconfident bikers who rammed a parked car so hard, he pierced right through its body and died embedded in it. He must have flown that bike real hard to bust the door all the way in like that.

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    1. Less. I’ve rammed vaginas like that and got myself deeply imbedded. Of course, everyone enjoyed it.

      Except for the two different times that my penis got so over-stressed that he broke. But those are stories that helped make Elmo a famous penis.


  1. Was going to post on other page but the troll posting got too annoying…

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      1. @longopuerco
        You needn’t be feeling remorseful to the underlying cause why Israel is hated and loved at the same time
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        1. @blucon,

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          1. I’m very confused by the difference in your talk. The government and gossip columns (papers in england nowadays) are different. There’s no anti-islamic anything when it comes to abusing animals or building new mosques. I remember the powers that be wanting to bomb syria, but sensible people said no. Now we’re being told bombing somewhere in syria is the only way to stop our biggest fear- more immigrants. Who benifits out of all this again?

      1. Got super excited when I saw a rare new BG thats right up my street. However felt I could chew my wrists off after reading the political posts. Not ignored just makes me fkin depressed! Thx @ Brokeback for some humour!

    1. @rayf
      You think its Brazil again in the eye of the accidental storm !!and biker again with the not so forgetful name
      Da Silva? My guess is ….this time around its a different region a different place but in all probability it is within ASIA

          1. Not all that familiar with languages other than English perhaps in Portuguese they say “my God” the same way they do in Spanish ?
            When it comes to languages my interest is in the swear words and to be able to tell if their plotting to kill me or not. 😛

          2. Yes, you are correct hat Portuguese and Spanish have many similar words and similar sounding ones. I definitely wasn’t trying to come off as some language freak. Pretty sure it was Portuguese . Or as you said some dialect from the Philippines, as they have incorporated many Spanish words into their language due to thei long time they existed under Spanish rule. I only can attest to English and Spanish, so any other language would be foreign to me as well. Cheers

  2. Seems to me this guy was a learner and was enjoying accelerating at a break neck speed not realizing that it takes a while to get a real hang of the 2 wheeler . When powered on it turns out to be a real beast in motion. Can’t figure out the location though but from the spoken language at the accident site I am summing it to up to be somewhere in ASIA .
    He has rammed right through the rear door and half his body along with bike’s front wheel has penetrated right across on to back seat of that car .He was with the helmet on which can be seen to have swung to the side but has not come off his head .Most probably his Death has resulted due to severity of the forceful collision .

    1. Where are you from? I don’t know if it’s just me but you “talk” weird. I could imagine that if you spoke how you type I’d probably think there’s something wrong with you. Nothing personal like, I’m just saying lol.

      1. I asked yesterday and apparently hes from england lol so he says. Which thier country spawned the fucking language but none of them speak it so not sure wether to believe him…. Maybe i should have asked what his first language is

        1. I am being fair enough not digging much in to your commentary as I find its one comment from a zealot like You who will need to be born a thousand time to be able to comment and speak like Brits do .I thought you had a milder tone then and I went reciprocating to your past comment but here I see you feeling lost and lonely grappling in a situation where everything looks blank for you
          and for God sake don’t you try pissing me off .
          I am good as far as this junction on the road is concerned .

      2. It takes a whole lot of endeavor writing posts . Mind you I ain’t talking here weirdly If you don’t and can’t fathom out what the written and spoken words in English are then I am afraid you haven’t known what English is all about I am penning my posts and I don’t think its necessary that your troll need to be fed beyond this point. I think you are at a loss for words and I can always help you out jotting down comments if at all there may arise a need .

        1. lost for time actually @blucon as i am not dedicating all of my time to responding to every comment someone makes. Given that you boast your prowess in the language, maybe some grammar would be appreciated in your run on sentences.
          As for my comment i was just ribbing but apparently you are sensitive about your speech. Since you are clearly a last word sort of guy i look forward to your response.

  3. Just playing devil’s advocate here… Could the biker had just been sitting there minding his own business and the car slid sideways into him? No? Lol

    Please don’t take that comment seriously… I’m kinda tired and punchy tonight.

          1. cant sale my girl I am always in love with
            Bikes are my extended legs on the road to and from to where I belong
            Bikes are Bikes I just cant do without .

          1. Hell, even Harley Davidssons are made in China these days. Kinda blows a hole in the whole Americana image they use to market to the “patriots” here in the States.

          2. My first bike was a honda 70 at age 10….my mother told me the bigger the Harley the bigger the mommas boy….you cant buy badass bro….I have walkedin

        1. this whole new world order crap taking over wile these islamic shit head trying to take over aswell wile im jsut here trying to have a good time wile going thru the motions before my time comes…i dont wanan take over anything or be no leader…i just wanna eat some mushroom drop some lucy, smoke some grass space out and chill out keep a tight circle…life sucks seems like everything has been done already and where im at its just paychec to paycheck, i sort of want shit to hit the fan like social collapse and chaos and everyone fighting each other then only will your true self come out, i dunno something isnt right but there is a truth and solid real truth its just that we are not in that level to understant it…yet

          1. Good post. We need more summers of love and late eighties/ early nineties vibes again. I think it’s impossible now though with big brother and all the pressure and messed up youth. Me and my mates used to hang around our town centre and our local shops on acid when we were fourteen to seventeen. Good times. I wouldn’t dare go out on it now without a good drink first and I even get paranoid on smoke in public these days. I think a real war with a real enemy is just what the youth of today need to learn the value of life. I haven’t been in one, but I know proper war is hell. Especially when you’re supposed to be a killing machine and you’re getting locked up for losing it at times. Got to be corporal punishment in school again I reckon. It’s on rogue scientists to get trips everywhere again.

      1. This is my view of all this chaos. I love doing stuff to chill and have a ggod time but I can’t ignore this barrage of news reports. I keep thinking who gains from all israels enemys being destroyed from within and meanwhile Europe has other things on it’s mind with immigrants. Anyway, they can’t take our music! (apart from glastonbury, I mean seriously?, k***e w**t headlining? Real hippies would have done the monk self-immolation thing in protest. Sorry for the rant, it’s just another thing we’re powerless against! I want to go, but is it good enough for jail time, storming the stage to stop x factor s**t at England’s music festival’s holy place?)

  4. im sure that car was not parked, Looks like the guy riding the murdercycle t-boned that sedan wile it was comming down that dirt road. I wonder what that dude took from the car looks like he scored something because he took off pretty fast.

      1. I have seen you waking after long intervals @tas tiger
        Don’t you go telling me when you get blazed up with that pocket modem to serve your troll feeds you come slow and late many times over .Is it to do with bandwidth woes .

        Hey I want you sustained going nowhere

        1. @blucon, what do you mean by “to serve my troll feeds” , you know I don’t mind you and most of your commenting, but sometimes I just don’t understand what you mean? I asked you once if English is your first language, I saw someone else ask you yesterday. You have a very poetic way of ‘talking’ (commenting) it’s not a bad thing, but I really didn’t ‘get’ what you meant here. 🙁

          1. @tas tiger
            That somebody had found my English pretty interesting and thought I belonged somewhere else rather than be here.
            for the first time @tastiger I have seen you getting mercurial for no reasons and that again in no way there is this underlying intent of mine to offend you . I wonder if you read my comment carefully as there is no hint of bad vibes at all atleast with you. We have positive vibes all the time every time.

            I quite appreciate in the way you go commenting and read all of it . Hope you have had your cuppa coffee as you really thinking that I am up to upsetting you.
            As for the poetry in my comments it comes naturally to me as I am in to songwriting captioning writing poems and stuff .

          2. Aww @blucon, you’re alright, you didn’t upset me at all, it’s just sometimes not easy to ‘get’ what you are saying, that’s not a bad thing, buddy, this whole site is about not being a sheep! You just keep saying what you want to say, I always read your comments (and I usually answer them too, lol)

          3. I have wondered where you are from and first language. I mean zero disrespect. You have a certain vocabulary and way of putting it together that is different. We’re just nosey here and like to learn:)

      2. well i think there is a stop sign, or what looks like a stop sign. I dont see why a car would be parked there unless it was stolen and abandoned in that unusual spot.. and if it was parked there i personaly think it couldnt have moved as much as it is.
        also the road is just dirt and i think the car has a more chance of sliding if hit hard with that big bike he has to have been going pretty freakin fast to move that car too. Im going with both drivers were moving at the sametime when this happend.

  5. I’ve had my share of spills in my time, been riding big bikes for about 20 years. To be honest if my time has come i wanna go out like this.. BUT not in a car door! just laying on my BELOVED BIKE! 😀

    1. No dream is a dream which can’t be realized. If you dreamt of one for you all I wanna say is to go owning it if not today then maybe tomorrow @burner66.
      If its Harley you are dreaming of I am wishing your dream may come to get realized and come to be true .

      Post your avi when you get one !

  6. @tas tiger

    I am as clear as the mirror and while I’m up to offering comments I do ensure that there is nothing left to be read in between the lines . I wonder where down the road you were left confused as to not understand some of the clearest of clear comments and as transparent and waterish as they come and that doesn’t even belie as to which part of planet I am born on and I am to be doubted when I get lyrical and poetic that English is even my first language . While we brits go about getting lyrical and poetic it in no way reflects my existence and the language I am married to . Thanks anyway for taking the trouble in to reading and answering my comments off and on .

    Remember I do offer comments only when I find them to be note worthy and answerable beside as you’ll never see me answering some wanton posts that are less brainier than yours here and there. off course I am sorry for the comment that made you blow the whistle had some harsh tone to it.

    1. @blucon, I always read your comments mate, and just occasionally I don’t understand something you said. Like yesterday when you said “when I get blazed up with my pocket modem to serve the troll feeds”, now ‘blazed up’ = cashed up/money or credit on the modem? Is that bit correct? But it’s the “serve the troll feeds” I just didn’t get. You know I am what is called a tech-tard, I am extremely bad with computers and the jargon that comes with them.. @blucon, did you see my last comment to you above? With the time 5:41am (Sept 18)?

    2. I don’t know if anyone will ever go back to this post but I’m bored and reading through comments. England isn’t just posh and cockney. It’s mad, there’s lots of dialects I struggle to understand. I sometimes work with people about twenty miles away and can’t get what they’re saying.

  7. For a dead dude, Da Silva, looks exceptionally cool! He’s got that James Dean look in his eyes.

    Accident reminds me of a Reeses commercial where this girl collides with this dude and says “you got your chocolate on my peanut butter” and the guy says “you got your peanut butter on my chocolate.

    You got your motorcycle on my rear right passenger door!
    You got your rear right passenger door on my motorcycle!
    Three things that go together well, motorcycles and cars and a Da Silva right in the middle!

  8. There’s been way too much swearing and dirty talk here lately so to add to what Obli was saying yesterday I say we permanently ban the next person to say a dirty word here.
    Btw, I need help with a crossword puzzle. What four letters come before Pit to complete the word that tells what part of a plane the pilots sit?

    1. ?Brad? is the answer to your four letter puzzle Brokeback.

      It is well known among those in the air service profession that pilots who belong to the gay community always refer to the front of the plane as the ?Brad Pit? due to some homoerotic reasoning or another.

          1. I’m stumped on another one. I need the missing four letters to fill in the name of this famous Canadian singer, song writer who was big in the 70’s.
            Bruce ____burn.

          2. @BB, In Western Australia all suburbs/town names etc. with ‘cock’ in the name (please don’t ban me!) the last bit of the word, the ‘ck’ is silent! For example a suburb called Cockburn Sound is pronounced Coburn sound. Saves embarrassment all around 🙂 It doesn’t stop it from being a fairly common surname, imagine a school teacher with that as a surname, the morning children – “Good morning Miss Cock”, I would change my name…

          3. Tas, thank you for finally saying the word. If anyone is guilty of having a filthy mouth around here it’s me. I know that the ck is sometimes silent but in “cock” it isn’t… Oops.

          4. @BB, there is a Western Australian politician called Robert Cock, (the ‘ck’ at the end is NOT silent, lol) I don’t know about you but I could not go through life with people sniggering about my name? I think Cox is fine but the surname ‘Cock’ is too rude at this time in history (maybe it won’t be obscene in 100 years?) Something tells me you might enjoy such a surname? haha 🙂

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