Motorcyclist Ripped Apart on Road in the Philippines

Motorcyclist Ripped Apart on Road in the Philippines

A fatal traffic accident that happened on August 11, 2015 in Baranggay Canduman, in the Philippines, left a motorcyclist’s body ripped apart on the road.

The accounts on what exactly went down are somewhat unclear, but a person who knows the guy who filmed the video said the motorcyclist was riding with another guy in tow, and due to excessive speed, failed to safely negotiate the street and collided with a 10 wheeler. The rider fell under the truck’s wheel and ended up smeared and ground.

There is a spade right next to the torn up upper body. The two were probably returning from work, and carried their tool with them.

Props to Best Gore member foxboy2005 for the video:

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      1. I live in the Philippines, and this happens a lot because alot of people are ignorant and stubborn about when it comes to owning a motorcycle. They feel like they are something. Even youths are eager to drive one, you know, boasting to other people by DRIVING AS FAST AS YOU CAN LIKE A REAL BADASS

      1. Hmmm for a place so reliant and accustomed to scooters/motorbikes why so many brutal outcomes? Ya would think even with high population they would have great respect/knowledge of traffic ways. Yet they ride with flip flops,shorts,2-3 on bike,with sprinkling of helmets(which don’t do shit) there. They need to wear a full body of medieval armor.

    1. Its crazy you can bet that 9/10 videos of things like this where the body is like ripped to pieces and spread on the road like butter on bread that they will be in Asia. So weird how they can just drive past and walk past.

          1. @misspink Thats what drinking and commenting looks like 🙂

            @boozer Small dick wanker? The ladies call me “2 inches of pain”. Not sure if it’s a compliment…

  1. its funny how its always on these country…

    i mean, here, if an guy on bike have an accident in middle of 6ways . he can be runned 10 times, but its still in 1-2 pieces and not ripped like that….

    on those country (asia,thai,etc..) whatever the accident, even just pass under a car. the guy is completly fucked up in 10+ parts on the road…

    wtf !! did they draive ultra fast ? did their body is on paper ? did the road hide and monster that eat the peoples who fall on it ?

  2. Will he be ok??
    Seriously..nothing could have helped him being smeared everywhere…but they still continue to ride at excessive helmets,leathers and wearing flip flops!! No learning curve at all!! No sympathy for them…

  3. I just visited bestgore today and noticed a misinfo here.

    I would like to inform, just for the sake of the deceased, that it was not due to his negligence but due to a wing van type truck losing its brakes.

    The truck, that carried tons of sugar, lost its brakes on the steep highway and just rammed everything, running over the victim in the process. The truck driver was then able to stop the truck at about 500 meters from this site. He then ran towards the nearest police station to surrender himself (and to “avoid getting lynched”). This also happened about 9 in the morning, I may add.

    I pass through this highway for work every weekday and really felt bad for that guy.

    Anyway, I have a link to local releases of the news:

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