Motorcyclist Rips His Crotch Open on Roadside Barrier in Thailand

Motorcyclist Rips His Crotch Open on Roadside Barrier in Thailand

A chubby man on a motorcycle was overtaking when he hit the roadside barrier. The crotch rocket and the crotch got stopped by the railing.

The photos show the man with the groin area ripped open, but it’s not very clear to what extent his family jewels were damaged. I’m sure the pain of getting his bollocks killed by the railing must have caused unspeakable pain, even if the goods did not suffer permanent destruction.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Rips His Crotch Open on Roadside Barrier in Thailand”

    1. They are gonna need a crane to lift that fat fucker dude. @blucon nice to see you again bud, as it has been awhile brother. 🙂 As for his small dick, i am positive that it is still hiding like a terrified Turtle, under all that Fat.

      1. @thedre Hey Bro its truly exhilarating to see you here as you are the pillar on here on bestgore . I was reading one of the previous thread : and as usual therein you brought about a great semblance of order with your healthy discussion while the others who participated were equally good but I gotta say you nailed it Bro .
        It was fascinating and refreshing to read your comment after a brief hiatus.

        Lol talking of him I think he must have weighed a ton atleast ….lol yeah a crane is needed in here to winch the fucking fella up and haul him in a carriage .

        Hahahahaha I am sure what ya said must hold true about his small dick, as I too am positive that it must still be hiding like a terrified Turtle, under all that Fat.

        But the overall mystery about most fat people is that although their bodies keep becoming flabbier over the years but their genitals take a beating as in most cases they keep shrinking and shrinking up to the point where their procreating tools turn out to be like knobs .

        1. Thanks man, as I am humbled by your kind words bud. But again, it is nice to see you back here as i am sure that many on here have missed you, and your comments also. So with that said, come see us more often, as we always enjoyed your company my man! 🙂

    2. That is a 2nd person. How do people not realize this? Just look at the color of the pants! I also don’t think this person has a weiner to lose because I am pretty sure that is a female, and I am also pretty sure she is deceased. I have commented before on how amazed I am people on this site fail to see such obvious things. The large bloody area to the right of the barrier is where the male was lying. You can see the red leather seat (?) at the middle, bottom of the pic where it had obviously been tossed after being moved from under his legs. The male had on black pants, and if you failed to see that, I imagine most failed to see there is a second large wound (in the pic of the male) just below his buttocks on the left leg as well as the large groin tear to his right side.

      1. Comment meant for picture of victim with green pants. Another obvious sign of 2 victims is location. The male in black pants is laying to the right of the barrier. The bike and 2nd victim are to the left of the barrier. Comment not directed at TheDre or Blucon as I have been an SOB for years and know of their intelligence and ability to observe.
        I was recently reading over something Mark wrote about 6 monthers referring to those who visit BG for a short time before fading out. Those of us who have been here since the Nikki (brain goo) and Armstrong (beheading) days have seen many come and go. They leave comments of no relevance or troll or just simply insult then disappear. It is nice to see BG staples commenting. I get tired of reading the drivel of short timers!

    1. Wow! Someone finally realized there are 2 separate victims. How do people not see green pants vs. black pants? Also, if you look, it looks as though his ‘family jewels’ were left intact; however, with a broken hip, a torn right groin, another tear at the cleft of the leg and buttocks on the left side, massive blood loss, and any other (probable) injuries, he may not survive to care if he is “intact” or not.

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