Motorcyclist Ripped Apart by Large Truck in the Rain

Motorcyclist Ripped Apart by Large Truck in the Rain

Motorcycles are known well for being quite deadly, but this time the biker got ripped to shit beyond words. Heavy rain made for bad visibility and crappy driving condition resulting in collision between a motorcycle and a large truck. Motorcyclist was sucked under truck’s tires and mangled for a few hundred yards before the truck was brought to full stop. Motorcycle itself was spared, but the rider got totally obliterated. There are a few pieces of his body randomly scattered along rainy road that still look like they used to be parts of human body – like his decapitated head, ripped off arm or leg, but otherwise its just chunks of dead tissue sprinkled along the road.

There’s no way anyone can put this dude together. His body parts mark truck’s skidmarks. The road looks like highway so the truck driver was likely plowing it down through the rain at decent speed and then bang bum bum – look in the mirror and an unidentified motorcycle flies off the road without rider. More bumpage until the truck stops. Driver fears the worst but it’s not until her gets out of the cabin when he realizes how much he destroyed a guy. Memories will be awful, but at least he was not the one on the bike.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Ripped Apart by Large Truck in the Rain”

  1. Shit, they’ll need about 6 coffins for the viewing. I myself think they could inject a bit of fun into the proceedings. Upon arrival the mourners are given a number. They sit and wait and when their number comes up they get a coffin number, anything from 1 to 6. Up they get, excited and nervous at what awaits them. They may see a leg, a piece of cerebellum or the prized catch….el heado.

    Fun for the “whole” family. Unlike this poor bastard who is anything but.

  2. I was sent this same series of photos in Microsoft Power Point back in the late 90’s. I remember sending to Rotten back then, but I doubt they did anything with it. If I remember right, this happened somewhere in S. AM, but not Brazil.

  3. This guy is completely fucked !! Didnt stand a bloody chance,… His body remains smeared all over that mother fuker Highway,.. Sad and instant cancellation of human life,.. My motto is never fuck with trucks as you only stand to lose big time !!

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