Motorcyclist Ripped to Pieces and Smeared on the Road

Motorcyclist Ripped to Pieces and Smeared on the Road

This accident happened on BR-316 highway in Brazil. A motorcyclist fell under the wheels of a truck on a rain wetted road and was turned into a bloody smear. His ripped to pieces body parts are scattered across quite a length. And while the motorcyclist is reduced to fleshy chunks, the motorcycle has barely a scratch on it.

Flip flop welcome committee got on the accident scene quickly to take pictures with their own cell phones. They don’t have anything better to do those Brazilians do they? They just wait around for someone die a violent death so they can film a video of it. Good for Best Gore, I suppose…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Ripped to Pieces and Smeared on the Road”

  1. When the same thing happened to Schwarzenegger he didn’t just die, he got up and dusted himself down, a few scratches and a sprained leg muscle was all he had and then he simply got on with his job.

    Some people are just too lazy, so a truck ran over you, and you got dragged half a mile, so what, just pick yourself up and move on.

  2. I see Mark is home, and I am very glad. I must talk to you Mr. Marek about something that greatly distress me. I was at a crappy site called goregrish. I was very distressed to see how they steal your hard work for their own glory.
    But there is even maybe worse than this. A girl there tells me she is to come here to harass your members to make them want to leave.
    I don’t understand why this shitty site wants to do this, but I am upset.
    You are a hero to many, Mr. Mark, including me. You stand up for what is right and speak the truth with no fear or regret. I do not want these people to harass you so I had to tell you all this so you and the people will know. Thank you for this time! Much great respect, Adje


    Dear Mr. Mark,
    May you please sir translate bestgore website into informal Brazilian Portuguese. It seems like many Brazilian Gore members just watch without understanding the background of the story. How many times have you preached and reported about the motor cyclists carelessness on roads in Brazil.

    I bet they don’t read all those warnings.

    Yours faithfully

  4. Beside the video’s of cartel beheadings that have been my favorite gore here at Best Gore, I would really like to see the video of some poor slob getting creamed like this dude did. I guess that sounds pretty sick, but if there’s any CCTV recording of an accident like this where a person is hit by a truck, run over, then drug across the road getting torn to shreds, i want to see it! I have seen video of people getting hit by trucks and run over but they’re not too graphic usually. If you think about it, the way in which this poor guy got demolished, it must have been a real site to witness if they’re are any. Next best thing….video recordings! Rest in peace’s dead guy..

    1. When ever I get caught in a rain storm and I’m on bike (which is always) I’ll just ride thru it, but I try to do it as carefully as possible and would never recommend anyone do it, what most people don’t know (those that don’t ride anyway) is that rain hurts a lot, no matter how slow your riding in the rain it always feels like little BBs or pellets hitting you in the face its very annoying and very painful and I think that’s real reason why most people don’t ride their motorcycles in the rain is because it hurts like hell, add wet roads and poor visibility and you have a recipe for disaster.

    1. Its a very nice motorcycle looks brand-new and from the look of the long blood smeared trail on the road he was going pretty fast, the guy must’ve been a fucking squid, a squid is a stupid newbie on a brand new bike riding above his skill level, they’re called squids because of the look of their flailing arms trying to keep them from losing their balance and crashing makes them look like a squid moving his tentacles around.

  5. OMFG! I wonder what happened to his head! That is one of the worst accidents I’ve ever seen.At least if anything positive to come out of this is he probably didn’t suffer too long or much, but ouch,that’s just scary!!!

  6. Man that really fucking sucks for that guy. You know he suffered quite a bit if most of his body parts are missing. Shit must of been so intense that some of his body parts and probably his shredded clothing flew and scattered all over the place. Probably some in that field there.

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