Motorcyclist Rolls Around in Agony After Crashing Without Helmet

Motorcyclist Rolls Around in Agony After Crashing Without Helmet

According to the information I got, a motorcyclist riding without the benefit of a safety helmet crashed, and hit his head. In the video, he rolls restlessly around as his injuries contribute to the overall discomfort.

There are other injured and/or dead people in the video. Unfortunately I don’t have sufficient background information to know who they are – whether random pedestrians, or other motorcyclists with whom the other biker crashed…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. In Floridah…the nation’s center of stupid and bad judgement…Police Lt told me they do not go after any motorcycle speeding and because the State made the motorcycle plates the size of a Hershey Bar…they cannot be read from a distance…the consequence is crosses on the highways where motorcycle riders have died in accidents….

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  2. Help me out, is that triangular thing a manhole cover? My first thought was that it was an especially bad-ass homemade base and I suddenly envisioned baseball being played while on motorcycles. That guy slid into home base just a little too enthusiastically!

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