Motorcyclist Gets Run Over by Car – Ends Up With Smashed Face

Motorcyclist Gets Run Over by Car - Ends Up With Smashed Face

40 thousand people die every year on Brazilian roads, including both drivers and pedestrians (10 thousand more than in the USA, which even has 120 million extra inhabitants). So it’s safe to say that if you happen to find yourself in the middle of a Brazilian road or highway, the odds are not in your favor.

Brazil has the second highest percentage of traffic related fatalities per inhabitant in the world, following very close to India. And, to our surprise, the area with the lowest percentage of traffic related fatalities is Southern Brazil, where the vast majority of the country’s white population is concentrated. It’s shocking, I had no idea. It’s also the safest and most developed area of the country, but hey, maybe all the underdevelopment throughout the rest of the nation is due to all the oppression the white man still enforces upon the mestiços and blacks throughout Brazil.

I know, I know, I went a little off subject but sometimes it’s good to say certain things a lot of people desire to express but don’t in fear of labels or reprisals. I understand what it’s like to live in a liberal cesspool of a country that makes us whites feel guilty for being who we are, that negates all our achievements and perpetuates the notion that we are somehow to blame for all the problems in the underdeveloped world.

Take road accidents for instance, is it any wonder that the highest percentages of traffic accidents and consequential deaths or concentrated in non-white countries? And the same applies to homicide rates, poverty rates, illiteracy rates, genital mutilation, wars and ethnic genocides (that still occur in some countries but are kept from the public, like in Uganda for example). I am really tired of seeing the mentally challenged liberals pointing the fingers at Europeans or Americans for all the horrible things that happen in the world. Aren’t you? Don’t you feel like speaking up? Like not giving two shits about being called a racist and being yourself, speaking what is truly on your mind? I hope that one day freedom of expression will be granted to all human beings, that ‘politically and socially incorrect” opinions shall not be censored any longer. I hope that day is more than a mirage on the horizon.

So, the case at hand, a motorcyclist crashed and ended up under a car’s wheels in Presidente Tancredo Neves, Bahia – Brazil. The outcome is the one we see on the photos. The man got his head completely smashed like a bug, and his brain appears to be missing as well. Probably went out flying due to the severity of the impact. That is all the information I have on this one. But the flip-flips couldn’t miss, as always, and as the cherry on top of the cake, there are two visible pink flip-flips.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

53 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Gets Run Over by Car – Ends Up With Smashed Face”

    1. good one, you funny sob 😆
      i’ve noticed how people universally have adopted a yellow/green colour in everything from work clothes to casual attire, either as a motorist or pedestrian they are thinking it is some magic solution to safely traversing the roads. they even handed out those colour vests to the homeless in florida some years back to prevent traffic fatalities. then some homeless pitched them, fearing people might think they actually had jobs somewhere and wouldn’t feel so inclined to hand them any food or money

  1. That guys been hit else ware and likely dragged along the road a bit. There’s a distinct lack of blood around what’s left of the skull. You’ll probably find his brain lying back where he was first hit.

  2. Finally able to log back in. Gah. Looks like a quick death, at least, getting your head smashed flat as a pancake will do that for ya.

    As always, the flip-flops just cause me to shake my head and sigh.

    1. Where are the pink flip flops? I see a woman’s foot in the background with a brown jeweled flip flop. Would have been awesome if he was wearing them though! It amazes me how there seems to always be lack of blood around these types of accident. Do you ever wonder what they feel before death takes them?

      1. well god damnit, now my comment is ruined cuz i saw “pink flip flops” and assumed they belonged to the dead brazilian. ive been unable to view the videos lately cuz im using a different phone than usual so i didnt see the flip flops. fuck 🙁

  3. PD, once again im going to disagree with you, i lived in the usa 10 years and over there yes i sort of got that feeling , but in our homeland never.

    Its actually surprising to me that in america people know nothing or very little about us, when the portuguese were the ones that started the african slave trade, but that is good i guess otherwise they would probably all start to prosecute us or something lol

  4. I dont know about ruling,but to answer your question i have no idea lol.

    Maybe ,because even today its a small country of 10 million people,yet has that legacy,over 300 million speaking our language worldwide,in south america,africa,india,china,indonesia….but overseas territories someone else was always trying to take it we were and are too small of a country to fight all those battles.

    We do joke around tho, we say we started hanging around with the spaniards thats when we got stuppid.
    Portugal and Spain became very close at some point and time.

  5. Damn! . . Looks like they’re gonna need a “flat head” shovel to scrape that one up. . . Hey, did anyone notice the blood stain image on the right side of his forehead? it’s an image of another face. Check it out. Creepy!

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