Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck in Lampung, Indonesia

Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck in Lampung, Indonesia

Do you still remember the most important rule of watching videos from Indonesia? That’s right – mute your speakers cause the video is audio dubbed with the most atrocious music you’ve ever heard. To make matters worse, not only is the Indonesian music absolutely horrid, in this case it’s also some kind of Allahu Akbar tune.

I don’t know why the video starts with the infamous road-smear CCTV video from Taiwan as it has precious nothing to do with the accident in Lampung, Indonesia shown in the rest of the clip.

It’s an old video, quality is shit and music only makes it worse. But hey – it’s just one more reassurance that Indonesia is not a place to be considered for a vacation. In case you can’t work out shit from the moving pictures presented, it’s an aftermath video of a motorcyclist crushed by a truck. Not even hip-hop is as repulsive as music in this video so be warned!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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113 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck in Lampung, Indonesia”

  1. Strange that he decided to stick his jack right inside of the squishy mess.
    Aside from being on the short list of some of the most RETARDED DRIVERS ON THE PLANET, as well as some of the most self-important nothings, they aren’t very good at anything at all.

    Really, what-so-ever.
    Nothing comes to mind.
    Food, Driving, Hygiene, Teeth (most look as if they could lick their teeth and spit butter!) even the language…too many bugs on the tongue I guess
    Even breeding, their peckers are 3″ hard and the “woman” (who vastly look like pre-pubesant boys) have vagina’s that are 2″ deep……so really….how the hell are their SO DAMN MANY OF THEM!?!

    1. Yuck.
      Asians are a creation by the reptilian humanoids as a device of manufacturing, which is why they act like robots/ zombies.’
      but on a serious note, 98.9% of asians are loud asshole, and I highly doubt china even has the will-power or balls to take over the world, first of all they lack style, and like you mention, they have 3 inch peckers.

    2. RS, if you look close at the 40-50 second mark you’ll notice the reason why the driver is using a jack. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the guy in the red shirt has his leg pined under the wheel.

      1. I saw that, just figured that there were mre jacking points than right in the middle of the gut pool.

        Not sure if it’s a tandom, but if so the other spring pack would be fine as a lifting point.

        Oh well, I wasn’t there so I can’t shot-call something I don’t know enough about without looking stupid.

          1. “now put your hands,
            down my pants and I bet you’ll feel nuts”
            “love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket”
            Yep, gotta be some of the best written lyrics ever!

          2. “Spreadin’ quicker than your mom have a feel but don’t cop it

            Yea I stole your beat but that’s cause you dropped it

            Crude as oil unrefined but slick
            I’m gonna get you from behind like a gay convict

            Cause my name ain’t Quasimodo but I still got a hunch
            That like the Jim Jones cult I’ll take you out with one punch

            You’re Spiro Agnew and I’m the Dick you answer to
            You’re sweating like a watermelon at a Baptist bar-b-cue

            Sneaking up like celery yeah I’m stalking
            I squeak like Stephen Hawkings yeah but I’m walkin’

            Nose to ground so this Bloodhound will sniff and follow it
            I hope you choke on your pride when I make you swallow it

            Screaming like a Mimi when you see me coming near you
            Like a Kenny Loggins’ record no one’s ever gonna to hear you

            Like a game of hide and seek it’s all over if I see ya
            Cause your yellower than tinkle and you’ll be running like diarrhea”

            Yup, the B.H.G. are MORE than just worth listing to.
            I saw them many years ago in San Fransisco on St Patricks Day (retarded american holiday where people drink green bear and just wish they were Irish)

          3. @RS… Were you in T.B.G? Kicking out lyrics like that has raised my suspicions.

            BG- Best Gore
            BG- Bloodhound Gang
            BG- Brazilian Gore

            The REAL Holy Trinity.

  2. Truck drivers are the most inconsiderate fucking drivers in the world.. Even in the states they call cars “4-wheelers” and they think they own the fucking road…assholes.

    And that music, my god, I think I shit myself and had an abortion..

    1. My uncles are truck drivers, And its not that they’re inconsiderate, They just feel really “assured” driving something big.
      I have noticed that most truck drivers (like my uncles) develop some kind of social anxiety/ delusions.
      Oh yeah nevermind, butt-fcckness is a gene in my family

      1. BUSTED!

        I wonder if he’ll back peddle or stick to what he siad, or just say that “You’re the exception because I know You from Best Gore”

        Boatman…ARE You an asshole on the road?
        I VERY MUCH used to be myself but over the years, and after thousnad$$ of $$ in tickets, not somuch anymore.

        I like being an asshole, and for me I don’t mind at all being called one.

        BoatMan…what say You?

        1. @Boatman: I never said I didn’t appreciate what truck drivers do for a living..I completely appreciate what you do. Without them the world would fall apart, and people would probably starve to death. But for the record, they think they own the fucking road, and that pisses me off. I would love to kick most truck driver in the balls and rape their daughters in their faces… I still flash my headlights to signal them that they have room to merge and shit.

          Another thing, they drive like fuckin retards on slippery roads. Just because you have more grip you think you will never lose it? That’s why I see those dumb shits over-turned in the ditch every time it snows… Just drive like everyone else and don’t be an asshole.

          1. Thank you DRIP for clearing up what was on your mind. I appreciate that [no sarcasm implied].
            Yes, some truckers do in fact go about driving like they own the road but so do 4-wheelers and this type of mentality increases the likelihood of accidents.
            Now for truckers driving like idiots during the winter. That I could never understand and I do agree with you on that notion but 4-wheelers also drive like idiots during the winter too. I see just as many 4-wheelers in the ditch as I see truckers. Maybe some day truckers and 4-wheelers can get along but I don’t see it happening anytime soon unfortunately.

        2. Well RS, being a trucker and being an asshole at the same time takes skill. Do I have the skill to do this? Yes I do, 17 years of it. And no, I don’t mind being called an asshole.
          On the other hand, what I don’t appreciate is someone like DRIP assuming that all truckers are out to kill people. This is far from the truth and I will stand behind my sarcastic comment to him. That said, I would like to give thanxs to you RS, baked, lunatic and any other Best Gore member who does in fact appreciate truckers. We truckers are not perfect but we do get the job done.

          1. @TheBoatman, are truck drivers allowed to drive in ‘convoy’ where you are? I think it’s been outlawed in Australia because too many cars were getting crushed between trucks, driving one after another, (both at fault, I’m not blaming ‘truckies’), but it IS very intimidating driving between a couple of fully laden semi-trailers! I think now trucks have to be a certain distance between each other?

          1. @tiger, Yes it’s legal to convoy in the US but it’s not very common. Sometimes I see maybe three or four trucks together but their usually from the same company but not always.

          2. I love reading these kinds of conversations on here.
            I get a brief taste of what it’s like living in other peoples shoes

          3. Convoy…now THAT was a good 80’s movie.

            The “centipede” trucks in Australia are really fucking cool! ( I think that’s what they are referred to as, due to the distance between hamlets and outposts, the 4-5-6-7-trailer-long rigs carry a shit-ton more supplies than normally allowed.

            Tiger, correct me if I’m wrong about the 200 foot long big-rigs

          4. @RS, well I don’t think they have THAT many! Look I could be wrong but the most trailers I’ve seen is 3, in real life and on ‘out-back’ type advertisements etc. This is still very effing LONG! Even a truck with 1 trailer is just about the biggest thing on the road you’ll see all day!

          5. @tiger, forgot to tell you that I did meet an Aussie once while on the road. He told me a little about the Road Trains but didn’t say anything about trucking laws in Australia so I wouldn’t know about following distance rules truckers over there have to contend with.

          6. This post is for @RS, when you have time look up Road Train in Wikipedia. I just did and all you need to know about them is right there. Some pretty cool reading.

          7. BoatMan

            Yup, you were right.
            Harnessing the power of the internet, and doing exactly what you suggested, I checked it out and there it is.
            Some rigs are pulling 6 trailers!
            imagine backing THAT SHIT UP……guess you just wouldn’t.

            Or, would you?
            Just can’t see there being any way to keep control of them all, to have them angle in where you would need them to

    1. It reminds me almost of the randomness of what comes out of Jesus’s finger-tip-mouth sometimes.
      Lately he’s been doin allright.
      The other day (could have been yesterday, I’m not positive…..just look for 200 of my question marks….
      “?” marks the spot

      Something that…AH! horses….go to the horse post.
      Anyway, enough words on all of that nonsense.

      Mouse, I do agree with the randomness, how could you not, unless one is a brain-dead chud.

  3. Indonesia has got be #1 in gruesome accidents involving bikes and trucks. Indonesians give us asians a bad name. I admit there are a lot of bad asian drivers but Indonesian drivers are the worst. If i wasnt a student of bestgore i wouldve never known about Indonesian drivers and a lot of other stuff as well.

    1. Best GOre is surprizingly informitive in so amny diffrent ways.

      Wtching a television program recently and one of the “prizes” was a “vacation” to Thailand……….and I just couldn’t stop pointing at “The Winners” for some reason

    1. What the fuckkk?

      Hey, FUCKKK….thats my new thing to piss of niggers, due to the fact they ALWAYS want something to go APESHIT over!

      Anyway….hmmm, an “herbal tonic” the all powerfull internet just told me when I asked it…”what the hell is Kratom”

      Does it work?
      Does it taste like hot garbage?

  4. Mark, you need to please make your warnings about the music in these Indonesian clips a bit clearer. Maybe highlight the text in red or something so it catches the eye a bit better. I accidentally played the clip without reading first and without muting the sound. I was exposed to about 10 seconds of the music before I realised what was happening. Now I’m worried I may have damaged a chromosome or something.

  5. Holy chet!!! Damn these bike accident vids, they freak me the fuck out more than anything else on here almost the same way as beheading vids do sometimes more…like this one, but I’m thankful for them cause they make me realize the consequence of fucking up on the road by letting my guard down reminds me to think twice and be a hell of alot more cautious of the “cagers” and “ragers” all around me

    1. I though the same thing, it was just the last of him momentum form what just happened.

      Such an unimaganable amout of energy that F.V. had just experianced…..a quick, grusome, bloody cought-on-camera entertaining as all hell death.

      I appricate that little chinaman-turned-road tomato

    2. @High, I was going to say what your experiencing is called a flashback, and tell you to take a deep breath and every thing will be alright. But when I took a second look at the video, turns out you are right, the guy laying under the middle of the truck did not,in fact, get squished, and is still very much alive, unfortunately. Nice observation.
      I was tryin’ to sound like a pompous ass lawyer there, did it work? And I’m drinking right now, vodka, the best cheapest vodka you can get. OK I’ll shut up now.

    1. I just love your hard-heartedness.
      Something I have not found in many others before off-line.

      That one member by the way, who had the picture of the fat guy in the box.
      They seem to have gone away.

      That person only lived 45 minutes away from me, and I so very much wished to meet that person and hang out for a few minutes over coffee.

      Razor, I would extend the same offer to You, or ANYBODY on Best Gore, but they were the most reasonable to actaully meet in person.

      I wonder what happened.
      I wonder if they became frightened.
      I wonder why I even care.

      1. The camaraderie on this site is truly unique. I believe that a certain type of person inhabits the BG forum, they are usually:

        -Down to earth

        In a nutshell, the salt-of-the-bloody-earth.

        1. Deal.
          I do actually hope to be able to take you up on the offer one day.

          I try not to take kind gustures lightly and simply dismiss them.

          Plus, it would be a life-time of fun to be there and do that with our mouths

  6. This is fridging bananas
    You sow how that 18 wheeler ran over that guy and just kept riding? Imagine what a loved one of the victim would think after watching this video, What kind of emotions would he/she go through?
    I for one would guest they would be heart broken, angered but most likely crying in agonizing pain. And that thought arouses me like no other, Gore is better than hard core ki nky fetish bdsm/cfnm bes tiality.
    Which rises the question… When cooking rice, do i add 4 cups of water with 4 cups of rice? or 5/4? i add a little bit of salt, but my uncle has a blood pressure problem, so i add spices to it, maybe a dash of basil.

    1. nononono
      6 cups of water, 4 cups of rice, if you add too little water the rice will stay hard, you want it to absorb as much moisture as it can. and don’t add basil, add sea salt. you can add the basil afterwards, otherwise the rice will turn green.
      You’re welcome baked

          1. Sorry, my first calculation was wrong… Don’t know what I’m thinking. For 8 people use 2 cups of rice in 3 cups of water. Reduce accordingly for your 6 people. 🙂

          1. Rice taste good with meats and so on.
            Chinese rice is pretty good, sadly in china they rather eat goat fetus’ than some good kong pow chicken

        1. one of Tulio’s psychonaut-medic friends did a course for preparing sushi, and sometimes Tulio hosts his friends at his big paternal house while the guy prepares the sushi, usually getting drunk way before the rolls are ready. That rice has a lot of sugar man, in fact, according to Tulio’s friend, sushi is a quite caloric food, its funny when you think in all those ‘trendy’ bitches in Tulio’s city eating sushi cause they think they are losing weight…heya biatch i gotta something white and sweet for ye and its diet…

          1. Tulio likes that Sake shit….oh, that makes me remember that i was to submit some info and gore regarding Mishima’s peculiar way to end his existance as a Fleshy Virus…

          2. @baked,Ifucking love food. It’s what I do for a living. Well did til I decided it was a good idea to move to washington. Fuck this place and everyone in it

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