Motorcyclist Smeared and De-Brained by Truck in Indonesia

Motorcyclist Smeared and De-Brained by Truck in Indonesia

In Gombong, a city in Kebumen Regency, in Central Java, Indonesia, a motorcyclist was run over by a truck. The video shows the biker smeared on the road, with his brain matter deposited at a distance from the body.

The cameraman could have done a better job filming this, but at least it’s not a potato resolution. It doesn’t look like the biker wore a proper head gear.

18 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Smeared and De-Brained by Truck in Indonesia”

  1. What’s with the rope? Did he have it on him or pull it off the truck before the wheels got him? Had to have been a slow impact though considering the short skid compared to the size and weight of the truck otherwise it probably would have shit him and his little dirt bike out the back much worse off.

  2. Soon after this video was posted, the guy filming the video was fired from his position as the “official bestgore video filmer guy” in his native village of Javadabadoo, which is not in Indonesia. The reason for the pink slip was as follows: the guy is incompetent and cannot differentiate between vertical and horizontal orientation. He makes everyone sick! Literally!

    1. Well they all look shady and dodgy, but yeah I see what you mean. Also noticed a sign with the word CAT on it. Must be a business that makes cat food or makes cats into food. Either way it’s an easy solution to where they could dispose of the brain, body or both. 😆

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