Motorcyclist Smeared on Road by Military Truck in Bangladesh

Motorcyclist Smeared on Road by Military Truck in Bangladesh

At around 4:30pm on August 30, 2015, in Noakhali, Bangladesh, a motorcyclist collided with a military truck. The biker’s body fell under the truck’s rear dually wheels, and got smeared on the road. The long trail of blood decorated with chunks of innards is testament to brutality of the accident.

A random guy can be heard crying in the background. Apparently he was crying because the accident happened near the victim’s house.

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    1. he’d surely be alive had he of stayed on top of his own wheels, so remember kids never drive under the wheels of big trucks., there’s nothing to steal under there but steel.

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  1. I dont blame the guy crying… i’d cry too if they told me that i would be the one to have to clean that shit up if it happened in front of my home… 😆

    Also, good mother we see there, casually strolling the child to watch the grinded meat on the floor… 😆

    1. @derkopfsammler gosh I just love your sense of humor and sarcasm.. X) “good mother we see there, casually strolling the child to watch the grinded meat on the floor” LMAO! You crack me up all the time! Keep me entertained while I’m at work!

      1. My pleasure. 🙂

        But yeah, it kinda reminded me when my mother used to take me to the butcher shop, and i stayed there watching all those chopped meat parts, chicken heads and feet, organs, hog brains and entire heads among many other meat stuff… Im sure in Bangladesh its just about the same, but with less quality control… 😆

  2. I love how desensitized these people are, obviously a common occurrence like… but Christ! if I saw something like that there’s no way I’d even be able to walk down the same road knowing what lay ahead, nevermind get down on the floor taking photos. Then again after the past year of visiting this site nearly every day, maybe I would!?

    1. @summerfruit

      In my observation, a lot of those people in Bangladesh look the same.

      Accidents like these, provide a golden opportunity to correctly identify their friends and family members, since no accidents over there, yield the same results.

      I hope to see more of their family photos soon!!

      1. You are do right being desensitised. Most people would be curious but stand miles away. It’s like someone by mistake lost a few grapes that rolled under a truck. I was once at very similar scene. A women that was mentally not well and committed suicide. I have absolutely refused to touch the body bag as I knew it was just raw flesh inside!

  3. ‘Apparently he was crying because the accident happened near the victim?s house.’ It’s like if only it happened elsewhere, then there would be no problem haha. Seriously though try and comprehend that – you are seconds or minutes away from your house, then in a split second your organs are expunged and your life is over!!

  4. The woman with child had a bit of innards stick to her foot for a moment, I think. I suppose that people in Bangladesh, and other similar places, are raised watching their food be slaughtered and prepped for cooking right before it’s eaten. This makes them less sensitive to it and more knowledgeable about the realities of life and death.

  5. Overall score for the amount of smear and blood scores a 10. The cold factor is a 9 1/2, the half point off is the remains are easy to recognize as human. A 10 is achieved when the remains are unrecognizable as human.

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