Biker Smeared and Ripped to Pieces by Concrete Mixer Truck

Biker Smeared and Ripped to Pieces by Concrete Mixer Truck

Biker Smeared and Ripped to Pieces by Concrete Mixer Truck

I got no backinfo on this, and there is also no talking in the video to suggest the location.

What the video shows is an apparent aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. A biker died crushed to the smithereens by a concrete mixer truck. What’s left of him, including his helmet, is still stuck under the truck’s wheels. The various ripped off parts are scattered along the long blood smear trailing behind the truck.

Props to Best Gore member @missprovacateur for the video:

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    1. Agreed. There are just some days when it would be good to just stay in bed rather than go about your business and die in horrific accidents. If only people knew the day when they should stay in bed, and just breathe in and out deeply and be glad for everything they have in this shitty existence called life.

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    1. Not surprised his jeans fell apart, he was wearing paper thin skinny jeans which are good for catching and containing a turd but completely useless for protection. It doesn’t matter though because even in moto leathers he would be a smear anyways.

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  2. It shows you how the weight nullifies any sensation through the suspension to the driver. The bike guy went under him for whatever, the guy got chewed up leaving a leg and his bike while the driver continued with what was the rest of the guy for 100 or whatever yards without even noticing.

  3. I’m pretty sure this is from Argentina,the bike patent is from those that started getting put on new cars since 2016 ( i know this cuz im from that country ),but im not sure where it happened,but probably around Buenos Aires or Buenos Aires City,hope i could helped providing some info

  4. I guess these lug-head drivers think dudes would just jar loose at some point. But I’d imagine the dude thought he’d grab and throw the truck off like some comic book clown. Oh and ladies still golden. -951-

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  6. Well it took some digging and a bit of leg work, i can usually track a country down by vehicle number plates but this time i drew a blank.

    However watching the start i noticed the name, or at least part of the name of the concrete company on the drum which was Puit??? Eventually i found the name Puiterra who are based in Buenos Aires Argentina, same logo same style and are on FaceBook.

    So unless this lorry was lost with 3 tons of concrete i would say its Argentina

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