Motorcyclist Somersaults Trying to Avoid Collision with Cut Off Biker

Motorcyclist Somersaults Trying to Avoid Collision with Cut Off Biker

A motorcyclist was cut off by another, completely reckless and inconsiderate biker and in order to avoid collision, he slammed on the front brake which instantly sent him into a frontal somersault. Poor bugger faceplanted the pavement and had his bike land on him. The biker that cause him to crash stopped for a moment, looked back at what she’d just caused and casually drove away like a piece of shit that she is. I’m guessing that piece of shit was a female rider not by the yellow helmet, but by her not paying any attention to what’s going on around her and expecting everyone to adjust their itinerary to avoid collision with her.

The moral of the story – never risk breaking your own neck for a fucking female driver. Just fucking level the bitch and let her taste the bitterness of her own actions.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Somersaults Trying to Avoid Collision with Cut Off Biker”

  1. I’m certain i would have just creamed that gook instead of my face. After splitting your face to avoid her, she should have to service your cock for a month while you recover from your injury’s. Ungrateful bitch…

    1. He is certainly a very bad rider, he did many mistakes together, he has enough angle of vision in order to see “yellow helmet” coming, he is riding fast for an instant brake, he used the front brakes etc etc, good experience if he is vice enough to take lessons.

    1. That’s why I run straight pipes on my HD-SB so they can hear me coming cause I’m not wearing no fucking bright ass fruity neon colors…the only colors I wear are my club colors and that keeps people at a distance better than any orange reflective jacket made of gayness

  2. That probably happens frequently as the people on motorcyles and scooters were cutting through traffic. I agree, she should have stopped. At 00:14, did a passenger get out of the silver VW with something in his hands and appear to walk away? Maybe it was a container of food… or maybe it was something else.

  3. It was both of their fault and the guy only has himself to blame, for one thing he was riding on a part of the road he wasn’t suppose to be riding on probably to get around all that traffic and also he was riding to fast, then all of a sudden another impatient piece of shit idiot decides she doesn’t want to wait in traffic so she zooms out on to a road she’s not suppose to be on with out even looking both ways first and the result is two impatient idiots crossing paths and causing an accident, as a biker the guy should’ve know to slow down when traffic is that heavy because you never know who will decided to turn in front of you especially when driving on a road your not suppose to be on…there’s a reason why your not suppose to be on it, the girl on the scooter is a fucking idiot that hasn’t even learned the basic of driving on the road with 4 wheels let alone riding on it with 2, she may have escaped being harmed this time but eventually she’s going to hurt really bad if she continues riding with her big yellow helmet wearing head stuck up her ass and from looks of it, its going to continue being stuck up there for the foreseeable future until another impatient idiot in a vehicle comes and violently separates it for her permanently…along with some other limbs as well, can’t wait to see it on here.

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