Motorcyclist Suffers Nasty Compound Fracture of Lower Leg

Motorcyclist Suffers Nasty Compound Fracture of Lower Leg

A motorcyclist suffered a nasty compound fracture of the lower leg after clipping a car in Confresa, a town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. It looks like his whole left foot was almost ripped off. It’s barely connected to the leg by a piece of skin. The unfortunate accident happened despite the motorcyclist wearing boots and long pants (as opposed to flip flops and shorts).

The best part of the video is the dramatic music. It sounds like a tune from a movie, but I couldn’t tell you which one. I could listen to it on repeat whole day.

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    2. What other fitting music should they play for this, Samba? Anyways, HAppy 4th to all. Let’s Celebrate freedom with, family, food, fireworks, and movies about killing Bloodybacks. No offense intended to any English/British users.We American users love you…

          1. That is kind of why I like when they are going full out on the “Allah ackbar’s” I hear it as them being so shocked and devastated by what ever is going on, that all they can say is “Oh my God, Oh my God”. You know it sucks to be them.

  1. This is very habitual on TV shows about police action. You know, vieweres need to be entertained or they will zap to the other channel (whose is also broadcasting – by almost 99% sure – the same event).

    Vlad Tepes used to have lunch while his enemies were being impaled. Brazilians do the same watching those kind of TV shows that are broadcasted at lunch and dinner time.

    1. I’ve been riding a nice Fat Boy Harley for about 10 years now, & the traffic in Germany is hell sometimes, but nothing big has ever happend! Knock on wood…
      On the autobahn there are no speed limits either, so just go for it nybadguy!
      I started riding in L.A & there was a lot more space then in Europe! just love bikes πŸ˜‰

      1. Yea I hear ya man. I’ve always had dirt bikes and quads and shit. Didn’t have to worry about rules and speeds. I think if I did get a street bike I would definitely end up becoming a post on here man. I have kids man and if I end up dead my kids won’t eat. I’ll stick to my mountain bike rides with Mary jane. How you doing?

        1. I know bro, I have kids too, they are riding dirt bikes already, time just flys! I started on dirt bikes at the age of 8, back in L.A always like a crazy MF out in the desert. Had my first bike in High School, my older bro. had a nice Harley Low Rider bike, that’s when I knew gotta have one & never stopped riding till today. But like you say man, better safe then dead. I know what you mean. Family first they need you. 😎

          1. My one daughter has been riding dirt bikes and quads since she was 5. She has more balls then most boys its funny to watch there reactions when they see her ride.

  2. Seriously that music was messed up.
    @Ate I question your taste in music….I shall look differently upon you now…lol
    BUT your taste in gore is right up my alley πŸ˜‰
    so I spose it works out in the long run

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