Motorcyclist Suffers Severe Head Trauma – Jaw and Skull Blown Off

Motorcyclist Suffers Severe Head Trauma - Jaw and Skull Blown Off

No helmet on head, flip flops on feet – the infamous third world protective gear for motorcyclists. Add to it speeding and overall reckless riding and you have the answer to why there are so many deadly motorcycle accidents in the third world. This motorcyclist is no different though in his case the impact also unbuttoned his bottoms.

The crash destroyed the motorcyclist’s head so badly, the top of his skull was blown off and entire bottom jaw ripped off, only connected to the head by a narrow piece of skin. Nothing like moving a motorcycle accident victim whose jaw dangles about like a pendulum when you lift him off the ground. Brutal!

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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85 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Suffers Severe Head Trauma – Jaw and Skull Blown Off”

  1. Alas, flipflopped, unhelmeted motorcyclists are prevelant here in South Dakota (It spreads! Eeeek!).

    By the way… very nice shot of the inside of the skull. It reminds me of the membrane on the undersides of ribs. Yummy…

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  2. This is terrible. Gosh, these people who have to pick this shit up must have seen this so much that they don’t vomit all over themselves anymore. Looks like no helmet also! If people aren’t willing to protect themselves while riding, then they are risking their lives.

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  4. I wonder how much of his face the victim felt getting peeled and torn away before he died. Even the slightest mistake or distraction can leave you ending up looking like a ghost of your former self.

    For those who ride motorcycles, what’s the reason you all prefer this method of transportation as opposed to a car, bus, train, etc? Is it the freedom that one has as they go almost a hundred miles through a freeway, the rush of adrenaline as you maneuver yourselves through cars and trucks, or is it something else entirely?

  5. Wait, hold on to a second for a minute, if you look closely……naked pic……boobs………vag open…………ooooooooooooh……new underwear ruined……
    Anyway, if you look closely at his jeans, they’re obviously too tight. That’s what he gets for wearing skinnny jeans

  6. The picture with the jaw is insane to me but incredibly fascinating. I have never seen anything so…blunt…before concerning one’s mortality. Damn- we’re all just hanging jaws and flaps of meat in the end.

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