Motorcyclist Tenses and Twists After Hitting His Head on Curb

Motorcyclist Tenses and Twists After Hitting His Head on Curb

A young man apparently crashed his motorcycle while riding without a helmet, and hit his head on the curb. The brain trauma caused by the impact forced his body into convulsions with twists and tenses.

I don’t have any specific info about the video. Not sure where it took place.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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104 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Tenses and Twists After Hitting His Head on Curb”

        1. yep, its called the ‘brain- death’ diagnosis.. when a persons fingers curl up like that it is known as a spinal cord reflex because the brain is no longer working. the brain is no longer sending signals to the spinal cord, in more simple terms, that man is Brain dead!!

    1. From his posture, it looks like a cortical brain injury, which isn’t generally fatal as long as the bleeding is controlled. Probably will end up with a TBI (traumatic brain injury), which could leave him pretty derped up.

          1. “Throttle is on the right not left…. lol”

            Maybe he forgot and thats why he crashed…definate drain bamage though. Doubt he lives, especially in a third-world country.

  1. I was hoping for more wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man than planking gone wrong but still a fun video on the joys of severe brain trauma. He’ll probably take his food through a straw after that one. Wear a helmet, kids!

  2. Poor bugger, never knew what had coming to him. I’d say he’s a vegetable from now on if he survives. Helmets saves lives unless a semi hits you. This time it was a wall. Damn walls, they are everywhere. Protest against walls damnit!

  3. Actually,This Happened In Indonesia.Judging By The People’s Bahasa Accent, Im 100% Sure This Happened Somewhere In North Sumatra Province.In This Video They Refer To The People Around With “Lae” Which Is Only Used By North Sumatran People (Batak).Lae Means Buddies,Friends,Homies,Strangers,And So on.

  4. Its a classical descerebration posture, where the brain damage is so severe that the brain does not longer control the body, but not enough to leave like a ragdoll. Spinal chord neurons are uninhibited in result of that brain damage and therefore take control of the body… the only they can do is contract muscles.
    Therefore that posture.
    Decortication is a brain injury that is less severe that descerebration, it does not affect the red nucleus in the brainstem.

  5. Looks like that stupid little fucker thinks he’s still driving his crappy Bike. So they just should put him back in his bike and give hin a start. Maybe he’ll make it to the next hospital.

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