Motorcyclist Turns Somersaults Rear-Ending a Car in Russia

Motorcyclist Turns Somersaults Rear-Ending a Car in Russia

The single best part of this video is the surprise sound the female passenger in a vehicle with the dashcam makes after the biker turns somersaults. It sounds like the moans chicks make when you shove a dick up their brown eye for the first time ever. Love that sound 😛

It’s a dashcam video from Russia. The driving is pretty erratic but the highway is of good quality, even though it’s wet as if after rain. The car with the dashcam rapidly switches lanes when a car in the far left lane comes to a sudden stop because vehicles in front of it stopped causing a motorcyclist behind it to rear-end it.

I can imagine the motorcyclist was riding recklessly, probably passing one car after another at a high rate of speed so when the lane got blocked, he was unable to negotiate safely and plowed straight into the vehicle in front, sending himself flying while turning somersaults.

I don’t have any info on whether the motorcyclist survived, but it looked pretty brutal:

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43 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Turns Somersaults Rear-Ending a Car in Russia”

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  1. So what happened there, did the silver people carrier ahead suddenly stop for no reason causing the car behind it and the white car behind that to stop? Wonder what caused the silver people carrier to just come to a complete stop in the fast lane.

  2. Now that i am older and somewhat wiser, ( i think ), i am so happy i got rid of my motorcycle, for this reason exactly. I do not know one person who owns a bike that did not drive it erratically at least once or twice, to either impress their mates or show-off the capabilities of their machines. The need for speed sometimes get the best of us, at the worst of times.

    1. I had a bike and I never rode faster then five miles above posted limit. But the thing is I liked to cruise peacefully. I learned before hand speeding is dumb. You should get a bike, I’ve been thinking of getting one again they are great.

  3. I wouldn’t know. (That sound…) I’ve never been with a chick who allowed anal. Tight asses… (Pun intended, bitches! 🙂 )

    I’m feeling evil right now, so I’m just going to say oh-fuckin’-well about this cyclist. 1. You’re Russian. 2. It doesn’t look like you’re riding a Harley, so you’re not really even riding a MOTORCYCLE. You’re just riding an engine with two wheels attached to it., and 3. There really is no “3”. Just a thank you for making me laugh, and giving me the opportunity to be an asshole about your “unfortunate” accident. 😀

  4. This is one of the high ranked mistake of motorbike riders, you focus on the second or the third car front and you get damn close to the first car front, his attention is caught by 2nd and 3rd front cars stopping and he lost control of the closest front one. Btw do you see the bastard in the middle of highway ? most probably white s.u.v stopped because of him.

    1. The guy was just a dumb fucking inexperienced piece of shit..if he’s to stupid to pay attention to what’s right in front of him he doesn’t belong on a bike besides why the fuck would someone look at a couple of cars way ahead when they should always be focused on the one in front especially if your planning on passing it at a high rate of speed. If this is such a “high ranked” mistake its because the majority of riders who make that mistake are inexperienced pieces of shit who deserve to crash for putting themselves in that situation.

  5. Fuck em…here’s to one less crotch rocket riding faggot thinking he’s Mr invincible king of the road…funny how crotch rockets do that, whats not funny is that you have some of the most inexperienced and irresponsible riders in the world riding those pieces of shit causing accidents like this to happen whenever they get a little ballsy, besides its like future said its not a Harley so it ain’t even worth riding, you literally just ended your life riding a piece of shit…how embarrassing for you.

  6. this is awesome. Now we have one less russian and one less motorcycle. Ive rode a bike since I was 12 and never hit anyone or anything. I did try to ramp my pond at 15 and that ended with a butt hurt cow and I got wet. Oh and my bike never ran again cause water got into the fly wheel and carb. It was fucking awesome. I ride a 1700 Vulcan now and love it. Anyway long live fuckin girls in the ass and dead riders. hell ya

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