Motorcyclist Twitches Half Dead on Road After Collision with Truck

Motorcyclist Twitches Half Dead on Road After Collision with Truck

Video from the town of Bitung on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia shows the aftermath of a head on collision between a motorcycle and a truck. The truck has quite a significant dent, considering it was a motorcyclist it collided with. The damage sustained by the motorcyclist is accordingly also significant.

With all the blood on his face, you’d think the motorcyclist was dead, and he likely didn’t pull through, but when the video was filmed, his head still twitched to the side. Those may have been his last attempts to breathe through smashed nasal cavities – his last cause nobody seems too eager to help him. Although it’s possible they’re not helping because they don’t have the means to and the only thing they could do – call an ambulance – they’d already done.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Don’t think an organ donor indication is really needed. As soon as you are dead, they will just strip you down. Lots of good high value parts there. Besides of the kidneys, others would include skin (where not bruised up), eyes, heart or heart/lung combo provided the lungs don’t have a rupture.

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