Motorcyclist vs Bus Collision Results in Penile Destruction

Motorcyclist vs Bus Collision Results in Penile Destruction

When I first looked at these pictures I thought to myself – if mortician who gets to deal with this motorcyclist at the morgue is a necrophiliac… sucks to be him. But then I took a closer look and realized that it’s only the motorcyclist’s penis that suffered from complete destruction. His asshole is probably still intact.

Proper safety helmet didn’t help to save this motorcyclist’s life. It almost appears as though he took the bus on square with his dick by bending backwards to avoid taking it on square with his head and torso. Natural instinct I guess, but throwing your genitals right in the harm’s way ain’t gonna make anything better.

Let’s hope he died from injuries, not from excruciating pain sustained by destroying his dick. Not sure which country the photos are from but could be somewhere in Latin America again cause where else do people take a motorcycle for a spin barefoot?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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18 thoughts on “Motorcyclist vs Bus Collision Results in Penile Destruction”

  1. Rodeo KING. He NEVER fell off the bike and the bike never fell over. Woooo Hoooo. Now that’s talent. hehehe

    Seriously, I wonder what went first, his “member” or his life? MAYBE…. after his crotch was crushed, he shot himself in the head 🙂 huh? wouldn’t blame him.

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