Motorcyclist Wrapped Around Road Sign in Brazil

Motorcyclist Wrapped Around Road Sign in Brazil

This is most certainly the right video to make me say my favorite phrase: “What the actual fucking fuck?” This time for real. If there is any such thing as a total WTF moment, this is it. And I know it starts to get boring to repeat that shit over and over, but seriously – can Brazil possibly get any more brutal?

It looks to be a case of a young Brazilian motorcyclist who rode his steel horse a bit too fast. As a result, the motorcyclist failed to negotiate traffic obstacles safely and ended up wrapping himself around a road sign. The passenger – seemingly pretty young girl – landed in a ditch a few meters forward. Both died in the crash, but if I were to choose, I’d rather land over a ditch that get wrapped around a fucking road sign.

Overload of flip flops in the video and everybody all too keen to get a picture of the spectacle themselves. Go Brazil!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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206 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Wrapped Around Road Sign in Brazil”

  1. I wanted someone to put his other shoe with the one next to his body! They put his cap next to one shoe, why couldn’t they have just put them together? Also the girl looked like she had a small ‘baby belly’? I think she may have been preggers?

          1. @Drexel, thankyou for this extremely informative comment! Do you know if they will be in trouble if they have sex with the dead body for longer than 6 hours?

          2. Yes. After 6 hours they experience what’s known as Rigor-Mortis-Rotten-Stench-Snatch where as the pooling cuagulated blood will pour all over their man-bits and cause a very stinky rash that will last no fewer than 3 days.

            But less than 6 hours, and the walls will hold like a dam

    1. it looked like she ate a few triple stacks from burger king.
      I think they stopped selling the triple stack.. maybe in brazil they still have it,
      no wait there is no bk in brazil..right? ohwell whatever nevermind

  2. @stench, congrats on the new kittens. Cats rule! Now get mama cat spayed. Don’t you watch the price is right? The guy in the video……fuck em for being stupid, ugly and not knowing how to drive a bike. It’s jesusgood when idiots remove themselves from the gene pool. If only baby

      1. No she won’t.
        need to talk to Humane Society to see if I can get a better deal on spay/neuter….some vets offices charge over $200 to spay EACH female!

        The babies as well as mama will be getting fixed.

        Each one turned out just fine.
        All cute, and squeaky.

        I had no idea that at 6 mo. old the little whore would get knocked up.
        My boy cat (Pozzy) who as a permenate ass-hole-face is just a little shithead.

        time will tell if I keep 0ne or Two of the six born.

        All that birthing shit-rivetry fucked me up today pretty well. Up till 6:30 am on the bathroom floor with her, then up at 9am to work all day.
        I’m grateful I’m not black or mexican (for many many reasons) but beside the looks/smelly factor, NOTHING would have gotten done today if that had been the case.

        1. aww, Rotten you sound so sweet, up helping mama cat with her babies, *sigh* πŸ™‚ such a good idea to have them ‘fixed’ up too, I know our local gov. gives vouchers for 1/2 price neutering, I hope you can get something similar.

          1. @RS, I say the same to my kids, if I’m frantically trying to type out replies, I don’t say I’m on BG, I say I’m talking to my friend Rotten! (Don) hee hee Donald Duck! (sorry) πŸ™‚

  3. i hope this doesn’t turn into a double post due to gnomes. @stench, congrats on the new kittens. cats rule! now get mama cat spayed. don’t you watch “the price is right?”. well, the idiot wrapped around the sign displayed typical Brazilian intelligence which means extreme stupidity. good that he took himself out of the gene pool. if only baby jesus would do the same.

      1. ******* W A R N I N G *******

        Residents of Best Gore are advised to take cover from arterial blood spray due to the decapitation of a……… You guessed it…….. SHIT – RIVET

    1. I’m sure the guys multiple broken vertebrae was painful enough for him…

      That bright red trail isn’t good enough if YOU can’t see where it’s coming from? Where you think that blood is coming from? His neck? Someone flip-flop his ass over so I can see!

  4. That’s something about basic biology too. You folks don’t get why people in the Third World have so many kids. Here’s why:

    – If you got 14 children, about 6 will die before their second birthday, so you got only about 8.

    – Of those 8, 3 more will die before entering elementary (6-7), so you got 5.

    – Of those 5, 2 will die as teens, in school. So you got 3 who get to the age of reproducing (13-14).

    So the 14 are in fact only 3.

    1. @chancho…that is hilarious. Even though you probably are right. I think they should give all the guys there vasectomy’s. If you can’t feed even 1 kid, then they should not be making any at all!

    2. Altough this might have been true about 20 years ago, this is certainly not the case today. Third world countries are vastly funded with healthcare and other projects which keep the great bunch of them alive. This is why world population is so booming nowadays, especially in countries who are industrializing fast. The state of mind of these people is still getting loads of kids to secure there ”pension” while it’s only puting a burden on themselves and the rest of the world.

      1. Well, the way I look at it is, we have to take care of the people in our own country first before funding third world countries. I think charity is good, but people need to look in their own backyards, help out what you have at home first. Third World countries will continue to produce more people than they can handle…and it will still happen as long as they get funded by other countries. Sterilize them all!

  5. What is wrong with those people down there?
    Don’t they have an ounce of common sense or is it just the way they live with total disregard to personal safety?
    I mean it’s great that they want to provide us with entertainment but I hate to see good pussy going to waste. Know what I mean?

        1. bloodsucking freaks, came out in ’76, I seen it in the early ’80s. Very low budget “B” movie, but one of the sickest for it’s time. Cult classic. And Ralphus was the man!!! 2000 maniacs, cult classic for it’s time, very low budget, 1969 splatter movie.

          1. @lunatic, thanks for that info, I remember the part when they drilled a hole in a man’s head, poked in a straw and started sucking up brains! (all while he’s awake!)

          2. And remember the part where greasy silo told that girl her mouth would make an interesting urinal? And when they used the girl with the painted dart board on her ass to play darts?And the hot-dog?at the end?

          1. if you want an interesting time, try getting 400 morning glory seeds (heavenly blue kind only) crush them, soak them in water for 19 hours, strain and drink. its like liquid xtc

          2. i’ll have a look at mother’s cacti collection, id bet that there’s at least one with psychoactive properties…and the last time i checked the canon, cacti and mushrooms are legal in banana republic

          3. the common morning glory around here is the purple one.It usually grows wild climbing on fences and along train rails. The pod wich contain the seeds are quite similar to those of the DATURA…

          4. In Dali’s times in Spain (thats Franco’s dictatorship) people would cross the frontier to the tiny Principate of Andorra and buy weed in large bags. When you came back to Spain, in the frontier control, the Guardia Civil would only check that you pay the import tax, put a stamp on your bag and von voyage!

          5. i learn something every time i read your comments. my relatives in modern day spain said that you can grow your own cannabis if its for personal use only, i’d like to move there when i hit middle age

          6. that’s because judges in most constitutional democracies are declaring the prohibition to smoke whatever you want in the intimacy of your home to be inconstitutional. Weirdly enough, the first country to put that right into a constitution (that’s the United States) is still criminalizing harmless youngsters like Baked for smoking a joint. So that everyone has to buy the weed at 20 times its cost to mexican narcos. The most profitable business in the world, thanks to the DEA and other retards

          7. Here in south Texas A lot of peyote grows wild on the ranches there’s even a couple people down here how grow it commercialy and sell it up north west to native American tribes who are able to use it legally for their “religious ceremonies” down in Mexico in the state of San Luis Potosi and Coahuila they sell peyote in large 50lb bags on the side of the roads, its not really legal for tourist to buy those 50lb sacks are made only for peyote taking Mexican Indian tribes but as yall know everything in Mexico is for sale and they will sell you as much as you want

          8. @tul
            yep, that’s the way of the new world.
            But though the years I noticed only tards get caught with controlled substances here. A little bad luck does it, but a wigger blindly smoking dro in public for attention…send that kunt to jail. I’ve found the beauty of cooking my cannabis into cookies and teas

          9. hahahah
            my comment above stated “relatives in modern day spain” as if i’m implying i have the ability to time travel and live amongst my relatives from the past, present and future. baked your so stoopid πŸ™‚ luv u baked babay πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations to the new Twister champion! Unfortunately, he is unavailable to accept his award…
    Mark, I totally agree with you, WTAFF?!?! I would LOVE to see how the hell he managed this escape from reality. The aftermath video just raises more questions…lol
    It was mighty decent of him to land his corpse in such a way that his blood dribbles down into the ditch…that will save time on clean-up…

          1. @Suicide

            What’s with the Spiderwoman garbage ?

            There’s no need to be offensive.

            I should be able to post my thoughts/opinionshere without you being a prick.

            Why no feelings etc…. on BG ????

        1. It’s funny that someone can watch all these pictures and videos of humans being mangled beyond all recognition but if you make a reference about Eric Clapton you get a big finger pointed at you lol

          1. @Seb

            What’s funny about it ?

            I certainly don’t pretend to be a full on hard core baddass and that nothing bothers me.
            There are some videos here that I just can’t watch because they are just too shocking.
            But that’s me, each to their own.

            The reference was about Eric’s SON. Not Eric. Don’t try and twist it.

            Any reference about chidren and animals gets my attention, I can’t help it.

          2. @spiderman There was no twisting of words there mate.
            I was referring to Eric’s son. Didn’t type it very well so it didn’t make much sense. but each to their own, we all have our opinions and humour. Sorry if anything came out that may have offended you in anyway =)

          3. @tiger
            Why did i sound old talking about cream? haha
            No i have a collection of vinyls i got from my aunt, I go through these vinyls everyday ( i sell them on amazon )

        2. You say 90%

          90% of BG comments are NOT related to accidents and certainly not about a 4 year old child accidently falling out of a 53rd storey window.

          I don’t have chidren but this accident was very sad indeed and I feel for his parents.

          Since joining BG 18 months ago I have always maintained my stance when it comes to chidren and animals.

          It makes me a little prickly but hey, this is my stance.


          1. I fucked up there and need to clarify.

            When I said :- ” I don?t have chidren but this accident was very sad indeed and I feel for his parents “.

            I was talking about the son of Eric Clapton.

          1. @FD

            Yes, we all have our sensitivities.

            C’mon, what’s WEIRD about my comment ????

            It had better be riveting and not Shit – Riveting either.

          2. @Spiderman I wasn’t trying to be rude to you when I said that, or anything, but I used the word weird because it’s out of the ordinary to see people getting bothered by stuff around here. Especially a regular like you. I guess we aren’t all so inhumane. It’s cool, though.

        1. @ThaDRIP

          Oh to be an idiot.

          If I was any calmer, I’d float.

          Even if Eric was on drugs at the time…… He was not even in the same building when his son fell out of the window……. HELLO !

          The childs mother and house keeper were the only 2 people in the apartment at the time.

          Jokes are fine but hey…..

          I’m done with this.

    1. hahaa nice. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit drunkified or that I’m not a vegetarian but human flesh does sound tasty right about now. Seasoned with some o that mccormick steak seasoning and some A1 and a stupid huge pile of smashed potatoes sprinkled with 80mg oxys. Ha spell check wanted me to put oxeyes on my potatoes. Good point spell check

          1. what can i say, I’m a newbie πŸ™‚
            I only get the itch from oxys, never from hydromorph or just plain morphine, I don’t know why…

      1. Nah, it would have to be high quality video with clear sound to be worthwhile, like the one with the cows on LiveLeak.

        And no just losing a finger or a hand either. Gotta be the Full Monty with no leftovers, lol!

  7. Crap, 6?c, wtf is this banana republic becoming, Canada?…..looks like im not going anywhere tonight, this hot glass of cognac is keeping me in place re-reading awsome literature and awsome comments by awsome gorians

    1. lets see….go to any zone around that swamp where you live where you can find some bars and women, stop one and say this to her (umm, lets see)

      “?I will build you a secret altar in the depths of my conscience. You will be the Madonna of the temple within me. I will be your slave. Strike me, despise me, beat me, open my veins with a subtle dagger, but grant me the revelation of yourself, grant that I may speak to you, grant that I may lose myself with you in the supreme illusion.?”


          1. L’Amante del Cardinale is a novel written by the most AWSOME Demon Seed-tormented writer in man’s history, just google “Cardinal’s Mistress” and Be Amazed

          2. no i meant sundancer shuttle made by bigelow aerospace. I went to an exibit and sundance is what i call “spacey”

  8. I mean, we’ve all heard the expression used when explaining an accident that ” He wrapped that that car around that telephone pole, etc …

    But you have to admit that is exactly what this guy did, except it wasn’t a car or even his bike that got wrapped around the street sign – He did !! And the fist I’ve ever seen that took that phrase so literal too, I might add. However, what is no surprise is the fact that it came out of Brazil.

    1. @pugmaster666

      DONE……… But nothing to do with religion ie………. blessings.

      As sure as shit, religions around the world are partially responsible for the fanatisism and brainwashing and a type of psychoism that Best Gore members often discuss here.

      **** WE ARE NOT SHEEP ****

      Once again, if someone can PROVE to me that god and jesus were real people with continuing never ending salvation I will sing my way to the next church.

      REALITY, friends, Best Gore, my cat ( PUMA ) and my sports car are my salvation.

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