Motorist Dies Driving Into a Guardrail in Russia

Motorist Dies Driving Into a Guardrail in Russia

New dashcam video from Russia. A motorist was driving one of those communist era cars which were not built with driver’s safety in mind. He was going left, going left, going left and then all of a sudden there was a guardrail right in front of him – he tried to rapidly swerve to the right but it was too late and the guard rail went through that death trap of a car and into him, killing the motorist on the spot.

I’ve been to Eastern Europe and saw those cars in action. By now they are good 25 – 30 years old. Considering that they weren’t built solid to begin with, they offer little protection to anyone inside. There is no sturdy frame and outer body layer is just some combination of laminate and aluminum. Other car would have absorbed much of that guard rail, these communist era death traps don’t.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Motorist Dies Driving Into a Guardrail in Russia”

      1. youngtowser, i was thinking the same thing. i am so glad that i don’t drive very much these days.

        as for these old russian cars, they probably still give you better protection than these new chinese shit box cars.

        1. Nah. These people were genuinely concerned.

          On a ‘Top Gear’ special the lads got a few old ZILs and Ladas… Old WARPAC family saloon vehicles that used to weigh in excess of 2 tons.

          They were totally solid… Well I should say rigid. They had no fold points to absorb the shock of a collision. As witnessed by the poor buggers in the video upstairs.

          Not to mention the ridiculously long waiting list for said vehicles in the WARPAC.

          A bit pointless really.

          My Grandma told me of a man who would regularly visit the USSR (one of few Western citizens allowed in) and would tell of the strong sense of safety, order, familiarity and friendliness he encountered with the public.

          Communism really isn’t my cup of tea. But socially it has many advantages over aggressive Bull Market Capitalism.

          1. J.

            Socialism is a VERY broad church.

            I like the abiding principle of seeing beyond class, protecting the vulnerable and equal opportunity and the rule of law for all who have the right to be here and members of our VOLK.

            However, I despise the Champagne Socialism that the Feckless Middle classes use as an excuse to dismantle the Nations they have a Masochistic loathing for.

            I detest the words and policies of: ‘Equality’, ‘Diversity’ and ‘Multiculturalism’ that Socialists seem to be fond of now.

            Communism is equally as bad as it sees past the natural individualism that Humans are naturally born with, and treats people as if they are worker ants in a giant colony.

            Plus it is entirely unrealistic to maintain as an economic model.

            Fascism is a form of Socialism… I would be a NATIONAL SOCIALIST if the Nazis hadn’t been so keen on Paganism and Pope-bashing.

          2. Oh sht!!!
            @ boatman
            @ trooper
            at least we (usfna) have big orange signs that say” lane ends”, or should say “life ends” ! Messed up,red mist coolent 95%, blood 5%.

  1. wtf with the russian techno music playing in the radio? hahaha……..anyway, perhaps the stalinist motor industry should incorporate more airbags and security shit, considering how drunk the russians tend to be when driving

  2. That was some of the best music in one of these vids, no one yodeling about snackbars, no monkeys grunting about nothing, no ching chong… And wow, that car musta been goin fast to impact and fling that far!! I would have stopped if i didnt have my kid in the car just to see something like this in real life… I wonder if the fresh blood has an interesting smell or not…

      1. Ooh, cause of the iron in the system? (im highly uneducated in the medical, how the body works department so sorry!!) because i know that menstrual blood smells waaay different than vein blood… Thats just something ive always wondered… Im a smeller of all things lol, whats this? :: sniiif:: oh thats old chocolate mixed with paint lol

        1. @lauren
          Idk why it does but it smells like metal..your logic works for me.. I was just taught how to put the wet stuff on the hot stuff.. not trained beyond Natl Reg EMT.. it always suprises me to hear when someone is trained in the medical field but has never smelled those smells you never forget (I knew people that got certified and quit on their first few calls because you just can’t train for the shit you have to smell & be professional, fuck me!!).. a smeller eh, I like you.. lol

  3. i’m pretty sure that no matter the make/model of the car, the end result would be the same. looked like they were travelling at a decent rate of speed and their attempt at a correction only made it worse as it moved the point of impact closer to the driver’s side.
    on another note, nice to see dashcam man and stunt driver immediately stop. whether they attempted to help out or gawked remains a mystery. i’m assuming they helped or else there would be a part 2 to this post. only time will tell.

  4. That seems to have been a Lada; they were based upon late 1960s, 1970s bargain-basement model Fiats (Fiat built them a factory over there in the USSR, called it Togliatti, in honour of one of Italy’s leading Communists) & those Fiats were no good for starters…the basis for the Acronym Fix It Again Tony…

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