Multiple Course Road Pizza Served Cold in Brazil

Multiple Course Road Pizza Served Cold in Brazil

Multiple Course Road Pizza Served Cold in Brazil

In Brazil, road pizza is served cold, but juicy. Kind of like women…

The video shows the aftermath of a road accident. By the looks of it, a couple on a motorcycle crashed and both died. The man was ripped in half, and his lower half was further ripped between the legs. The woman is whole, but also ripped in the crotch area. Lots of fat on her, but decent looking feet without bunions.

Their remains are spread across a stretch of the road, but I could not make out whom they collided with. The guy had properly fastened helmet, which stayed on his head, even though it could not save his life. The woman must have thought female privilege extends to accidents and didn’t fasten hers. You can see how far from her it landed at around the 0:30 minute mark. Not as far as the guy’s bottom, though.

Props to Best Gore members @natural-selection-2 and @african-angel for the video:

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  1. That was as Hard Blow to the Torso for the Homie over there looking like his other half is in a different dimension.
    As for the thick lady,
    Well, she should’ve been at home cooking a chicken Parmesan.

    1. Maybe one of these days someone will drag those legs back to the body and place it against his other half, making him look whole, but put a towel or something over the severed area, that way when the medics/coroner arrives, everyone can get their facial expressions when realizing he was actually torn in half after removing the towel.
      Bad prank, I know.

  2. I’ve seen a few accidents like that. They make for a good anatomy lesson tool for new medics. I had one guy who was running well over 100+ mph when he missed a curve in the road and hit a huge oak tree. His legs were cleanly severed just below the knees and were still in his pickup. We found his body about 150 feet into a nearby cornfield with his face and his ass pointing in the same direction. Needless to say, his body was pure ‘Jello.’

      1. LOL Good one.

        Now the rest of that story will make some of you laugh. I gathered the guy’s lower legs and put them in a garbage bag to help keep the blood from running all over the place. When we delivered the body to the funeral home for the director to declare him dead (that was how they did it back 1973), I forgot to give him the bag with the legs.

        Our refueling station was at the local cop-shop and I was pumping the gas when another cop pulled up. When I asked him if he was headed back south to where I had left the body, he said he was, so I asked him if he would drop this bag off there.

        He asked me what was in the bag, so I told him, ‘that dude’s legs from that bad accident we just cleared.’ He didn’t believe me, so I opened the bag and pulled out the left lower leg and showed it to him. The dead guy had been drunker than sin, and the bag reeked of beer. When he saw the leg and got a whiff of the bloody beer, he began to hurl all over the parking lot.

        I worked with that cop on and off for the next five years, and I never let him forget that little incident!

  3. When your top half is over 100ft from your bottom half, that’s a sign that you might have been going too fast. Still, on the upside, that helmet looks like it preserved his head so people will still be able to treat themselves by looking at his frozen expression of shock/fear/pain/confusion.

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