Multiple Fatality Accident Leaves Mangled Bodies on Road in Chepo, Panama

Multiple Fatality Accident Leaves Mangled Bodies on Road in Chepo, Panama

Best Gore member GoodguyEmptySoul sent us these pictures of a multiple fatality accident, saying it allegedly took place in Tanara, Distrito de Chepo, Republic of

They almost look like two pictures of two different accidents, but they could be related. One picture shows two mangled bodies of people who died when the car they were driving collided head on with another vehicle, presumably a truck.

The other picture shows a headless motorcyclist. There’s little in terms of his head left, which seems to suggest that it was run over by a truck or other heavy vehicle.

Thanks a lot for the pics, GoodguyEmptySoul:

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    1. The two pictures are from the same crash. The were taken at different angles giving different lighting effects making one lighter than the other.

      You can match the roads by comparing the tire track marks left by the cars’ tires.

    1. I saw a pic of a beer truck crash. The road was littered with beer bottles as far down the road as the eye can see. The caption was something like this could bring a tear to a man’s eye. That’s what these pics remind me of.

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  2. It seems like nobody pointed out the username or maybe I am missing on something in here.

    Anyway, I do agree that that is some pretty fucked up shit. It would be very interesting to see on how embalmers (don’t know what they are called) put them back together, if the family wants an open casket burial. Or maybe an open casket one wouldn’t be possible on a person badly mangled such as one pictured above.

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