Multiple Hit and Runs Leave Man Shredded on the Road

Multiple Hit and Runs Leave Man Shredded on the Road

Mexico is officially the Hit and Run capital of the world. The first driver that struck this man down drove away and so did several other drivers who run over his corpse like he was a moth on the road. The one who did not flee the scene was a driver who attempted to dodge the roadkill but the maneuver swerved his vehicle into a ditch requiring him to call a tow truck. So while he was at it, he also alerted the authorities that there was a shattered body of a man on the road.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve uncovered the secret conspiracy of the machines cause cars in Mexico strip their victims off clothes, rape them and destroy their genitalia.

The accident happened on Avenida Ignacio Zaragoza near Cecilio Arenas in Iztapalapa area of Mexico City, Distrito Federal.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. @Oski, It does look that way. Its on the correct leg though, his left leg is on the right side of his body. It seems like these hit and run accidents are really hard on your hips and legs. And his head in this case…

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