Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash

Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash

Men can’t help but take risks and prove their physical prowess. It is part of our genetic coding to impress each other and any women who choose to watch. We also get off on the adrenalin and competitive thrill many activities illicit. That isn’t to say women don’t do the same thing, or that some women aren’t more inclined than some men to participate in such activities. But it is hard to argue that men, in general, aren’t more risk taking and adrenalin seeking than women.

This is of course why men are more accident prone than women, and statistically more likely to be at fault in a traffic accident. Especially in the under 25 age bracket.

Given that it is illegal to race your car on public roads (not that it stops some people) the prudent amongst us are clever enough to take a boys’ day-trip to a racetrack and hire carts. Because this is so much safer, right?

BestGore member AnalGlitter was kind enough to forward a picture taken of his friend’s recent go-cart injury, demonstrating that even the lower speeds of a cart compared to a car can generate substantial injuries when slapping your body onto asphalt and fixed objects.

The injury would no doubt have been painful, however, with some sutures and antibiotics, following a good toothbrush scrubbing, our friend should heal up nicely with a very manly scar he can use as an excuse to drop his trousers for the ladies. Mind you I am a tad worried about the viability of that flap of skin over the centre of the wound that looks like a piece of undercooked bacon. It may be that some skin grafting will be required. If so, commiserations, buddy. They are notoriously painful.

Talking of bacon, is there much better meaty goodness than a nice rash of bacon or two with some fried tomato and egg? If there is a God, surely he eats bacon. I could never have been a Jew or Muslim, they have no idea what they are missing out on. In fact, I may have stumbled on the solution to the Middle East crisis. Feed the fuckers bacon and they may calm the farm.

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      1. @tas tiger
        oh I need to thank the Gods at the bestgore for bringing you back . Did you know that you missed out a lot .I mean your share of chunks of gore and we missed you too quite bad .
        Where in the blazes were you off and gone to?
        Welcome back lady.

        1. @BB, thanks so much, I have been stuffed around getting phone/WI FI set back up, it’s been awful, I have missed so many of my BG friends, I bought a pre-paid wireless modem so that should work til it’s all back to normal, next week. πŸ˜‰

  1. Oh thats more than a stich job lol will defiantly need a graph also that much of a muscle being torn out like that he will not only have a nice scar but a bit of an indent there to hightlight it.

          1. @JimmyDaSilva – seem to like picking on the women dont ya?
            …..NOT that @YourNextExGirl or Am0ur are any less capable of dealing with your shite – on the contrary, these girls have ten times your mental capacity-and balls!
            It just interesting that you pick females as your targets… whats wrong sonny? Did you always end up playing “second fiddle” to mommys latest guy?

          1. No shit…. There I was… when suddenly out of no where…. I was attacked by ten go-carts.

            One got in a lucky shot and left me with this *shows scar* but when I got started, i was going through them like hot bullshit through gocarts. I tell you It was a HELL of a day for them that day my friends.

        1. Lol @ McTreblar your spot on there πŸ˜‰ I’ve always found it amusing to hear the ever growing stories from injuries my brothers had when they were trying to pick up a new girl, I must admit guys can get really creative sometimes!

          1. Every injury I get I blame on softball. I’m so thankful my old ass can still play or I’d have nothing to blame my own clumsiness and stupidity on. But softball probably doesn’t sound as badass as I think it does.

      1. @Little Foot
        I guess you are a medico if the past posts are to be relied on .A bruise is no bruise when you know what to do I mean you can treat it right ?
        But sadly you’re feeling defeated and I am sorry for you and I am sure you wanted him to emerge a winner by hook or by crook .

        so there you have him not on the victory stand but nonetheless on the floor as a winner .

    1. Good to see that name yeah but i just wish it really was mark and not someone thinking thinking they are funny by doing that kind of aggravating… Btw is there any new news on how mark is doing?

    2. We moved to a new webhost. Tech on their end is helping us to tune server up and is using that account. We had an issue with Nginx caching engine not passing through the originating IP which we had to work out so some mock comments needed to be made.

      1. Thank you very much for your efforts, Acneska! Please tell Vasily and anyone else involved with the server switch I said thanks, too.

        You all saved me from much depression, as I thought BG was done after the first week of no access.

          1. @evilirish1
            scars and in your 50s
            hoping you go nostalgic with this old time favorite:

            “I Need Some Lovin'”

            I need some lovin’
            Some turtle-dovin’
            To dry the ocean
            Of tears running down my spine

            I need some kissing
            But I know you’re listening
            To all the radios
            That tune in to read my mind

            They say
            Loose lips
            Fat cheeks
            White teeth
            Big hair
            Brass bed
            With a sign that reads
            Nobody rides for free

            I need a honey
            To spend my money
            To call my phone machine
            And hang me up at night

            I need some lovin’
            Some turtle-dovin’
            To dry the ocean
            Of tears running down my spine

  2. You know if you look at the wound long enough and zoom in, your going to think that you are looking at someone’s face. Look carefully and you’ll see the mouth, nose holes, eyes and face that looks like it’s been peeled off.

    Maybe now is good time to put bong down and eat some warm vulva.

  3. That’s a big hole. I wonder what he will with do with. Besides getting hurt on a gocart????????????? I slammed my face on the handles of a four wheeler once in Texas. I didn’t see the ditch but everyone on top of the hill did. It hurt but no cuts. Just bruising. So he mangled his shit on a go cart go figure

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