Nepalese Man Destroys His Arm in Motorcycle Accident

Nepalese Man Destroys His Arm in Motorcycle Accident

In the city of Dharan, located in the Sunsari District in eastern Nepal, a young man apparently crashed a motorcycle and destroyed his arm.

The video shows him down on the road with his right arm twisted out of shape. Other bikers pick him up presumably to transport him to a hospital, revealing the extent of trauma to the upper arm.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. I agree @Alex as you need that fresh air, free-flowing feeling in your face, to help unwind, and truly enjoy this fun ride. I used to remember the first day out in Spring. Early Sunday morning beautiful fresh smell in the air, perfect warm & sunny morning,, awww, i still feel it dude, there was nothing like hitting the road for a nice & relaxing first ride on your clean, and shiny bike. “Live for the moment indeed”.

      1. I hear you my man, @Alex but i have have been involved in a couple of accidents with mine in the past, and so i decided to sell it & purchased two ATV,s instead. One for the Wife, and other for myself. As when you get past 50, the less speed, and traffic, the better, lol. And as @dethbyplaster states,,, just be extra careful out there bro, as it is the others, and their driving skills that i worry about, not your driving, as you sound quite responsible.

  1. these scenes aren’t very soothing it’s always so noisy with the horns and the traffic and the chaos and the chatter and turmoil and you think somewhere within all the banter they are formulating simulated plan of removal but nope! they haphazardly scoop him up and let his mangled appendage just hang like that. least they all walked in same direction. maddening

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