Dutch Man Throws Chair at Judge Who Sentenced Killer of His Child to 120 Hours of Community Service

Dutch Man Throws Chair at Judge Who Sentenced Killer of His Child to 120 Hours of Community Service

Video from Dutch courtroom shows a man throwing a chair at a judge who sentenced a killer of his child to measly 120 hours of community service and no jail. While riding their bicycles, two year old Ise Derijks, along with her grandparents – 64 year old Sjraar Hannsen and 67 year old Riek Hanssen – were killed on May 19, 2013 in Heldensedijk, Meijel, The Netherlands by a speeding Polish driver.

According to witnesses, 33 year old Sebastian D. of Poland was driving in excess of 120 km/h on the road with 80 km/h speed limit. He lost control of his BMW while attempting to negotiate a curve and plowed into the bicyclists who were on a dedicated bike path. Sebastian D. never expressed regrets to the family of the people he’d killed.

The judge justified the sentence by stating that even though there is evidence that Sebastian D. lost control of his vehicle, slid off the road and onto the bike path, there is no evidence that he was speeding, since estimates of eye witnesses are not expert testimonies. Thus she only sentenced him to 120 hours of community service. For killing 3 people that were not even on the road.

I can understand how a man, who had lost 3 of his relatives, including his own little child, would lose it in the courtroom when the killer gets no jail time, just some community service. Talk about justice system failure…

After the courtroom incident, it was reported by the Dutch media that the chair throwing father will not be charged for his actions. Prosecutors are also reportedly preparing to appeal the verdict of the judge.

Props to Best Gore member DBUndeR for the video:

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      1. This is what she said: “In view of the aforementioned, and taking into account verdicts of simular cases, the court has come to the conclusion that the suspect will be sentenced unconditionally to 120 hours community service, alternatively 60 days in prison.”

        For those interested, here you can find a short video of the scene: http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/21577565/__Drie_doden_bij_ongeluk__.html
        On the left the road, on the right a 2-way cycletrack seperated by hedges. Clear sunny day and a good maintained asphalt road. How in the world he managed to kill 3 people in these conditions is beyond me. And the suspect didn’t even had a scratch.

        1. The polish might’ve been both drunk and ignorant. Wouldn’t be the first time. No offense to Polish readers here, not all Polish are like that, but some of the immigrant workers are just ignorant f*cking bastards.

          1. Ho ho! They got the same thing state side. After we perfected screendoor submarines and tickled your windpipes with our wonderful, juicy sausages, we get treatedlike dumb cows.

            America was built with german engineering and slavic muscle!

          2. @Obli , no offense meant. We see some scum around but indeed the qualities of the Polish may be underestimated here and there. And if it weren’t for a certain person with Polish roots, many good posts wouldn’t be here on BG at all.

          3. So true . Even in England they are distant cold ignorant rude cunts that think they are better than every one. All of them are poping babies now because it’s another flaw in the welfare system and they can sponge of it. They are racist as well, especially to other ethic minorities they look down on them. Yet all their women are breeding with black men.

          1. As a matter of fact the guy in the video was saying KUT, which is Dutch for cunt . The word kut is also used a lot in Holland instead of/together with expressions like shit and fuck , and to express everything else you don’t like. ( That was 5 bad words in 1 comment.)

      2. ***Cunt of a judge, can anyone translate exactly what she said?

        I would like to inform the court today, that I myself, cannot bear children. I despise men, adoption or sperm banks. Children should be shackled to their bedposts, along with their bicycles.

        …I also accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal

        Court adjourned…

      3. sometimes i think we’re all just being baited, let’s hope he kills the driver, after all it should be easy to find out where he’s doing the community service, this judge needs to be gang banged by a load of muslim refugees

    1. The judge is a slimy cunt ! Sorry just calling it the way I see it ! Let’s get her family up on their bikes and run them down ! I’ll bet the outcome would be 25 fuckin years ! It just goes to show that North America is not the only fucked up judicial system in the world ! BITCH !!

  1. He killed 3 and his sentence was merely 120 hours of community service??..
    When I was in my OJT before, I had to complete 420 hours before I can get my diploma.. Did that judge ever think of his decision?, what the fuck seriously..

  2. This is also the problem we are facing in most African countries especially those who were under the British brutal rule.

    When you bash and kill someone whether you are a licensed driver or not, you will be charged for “causing death by dangerous driving” and you’ll be charged a fee of not more than US$ 1,000.

    This is very unfair to the father’s child and worst still he will be charged and fined for his misconduct in court.

        1. You africans would have linched the polish guy right?then set ablaze in the street with a weel around his torso right?then masterbate and danced around the smoking carcass right?that’s how you solve things there

          1. @Entropium, exactly. we call it mob justice. We don’t masturbate any how the way you do.

            …by the way, mind your spellings. **It’s wheel and not “weel”, masturbate and not “masterbate”** High time you go back to high school and have a refresher course in English.

    1. I doubt it. Most likely she was a bleeding heart bitch.
      The kind of judge who thinks that a harsh sentence would destroy the poor boys life who killed those people.
      We have those judges in NZ too, and they should all have one of THEIR family killed to know what it feels like.

    1. The chair appeal wouldn’t happen in the US tho, the courtrooms I’ve seen all have benches in the area where this court had chairs. Maybe this is why? Too many injustices for families of victims ended in chairs being chucked? 😀

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  3. Hmmm, let’s say he wasn’t speeding and just lost control because of wet or gravelly road conditions…would that make him a murderer? I’m not sticking up for him by any means and if it were my kid I’d probably kill him reguardlesss. I’m just saying, if the only factor that makes him guilty is speed then it must be proved in court that he was negligent to the point that his carelessness put others at risk.

    1. @Brokes, he wasn’t driving a tri-car he was driving a BMW and if you lose control turning a corner in a BMW you were going way too fast.

      Plus he was a Polish driver, the polish can’t drive for shit and I should know because there are millions of them living in my country and they cause a lot of road deaths.

    2. The sausage sucking Polish cunt killed three people on a dedicated bike/pedestrian path. Whether he was speeding or not he was driving like a complete fuckwit and not paying attention to road conditions. There is also the possibility that the vehicle had a fault which caused it to lose control but unlikely given it was a BMW – a KIA or Greatwall piece of shit maybe but not a BMW. Those Germans know how to tighten nuts and bolts.

    1. Exactly. If he’s bang to rights, which by all accounts he was, then throw the book at him. If he’s innocent let him go.
      This is a typically European half ass measure. No wonder the guy chucked a chair at that bent bitch.

        1. I know you don’t Obli – I have no experience with Poles that I know of, as I don’t ask people their ancestral roots. I was referring to the article where the BMW driver was polish and the fact that every race has dumbasses. No need to be pissy with me. By the way I think you have GREAT humorous write-ups for your posts – so thank you for putting in the effort for us.

  4. Wow! Only 120hrs? Fuck up! You always here that the judge throwing the book at the guilty party, this time she got the chair throwed at her by the family of the victims not the guilty party! Fucked up Justice around the world only on BG!

    1. “whats with all the polish appologism lately”

      It’s because if they jail too many Polish people they will have less cheap labour to exploit, then they might have to employ and pay their own indigenous population a living wage once more.

      I guess from the perspective of private enterprise it makes sense, letting them get away with murder is the cheaper option for them.

        1. I feel your pain. Here in sunny old England we have a thing called “workfare” where unemployed people have to work a full time job in order to receive their social support payments and so private enterprise now gets rid of their paid workers to replace them with free workers.

          There was a story that made all the newspapers this month about a man named John McArthur who was working at the LAMH Recycle plant in Motherwell, Scotland. This John McArthur fellow was made redundant by the recycle plant but because this recycle plant was working in partnership with the government’s “workfare” programme they told him that he couldn’t receive any social support payments unless he went back to the recycle plant and did the same job he was doing but this time for free.

          So in effect private enterprise now fires paid workers so that they can get them back in the form of free workers.

          The above only effects the indigenous population though because the Polish and other immigrant labour workers are rarely unemployed due to them being employed by overseas outsourcing agencies meaning that they work for much less than the legally acceptable minimum wage thus undercutting the entire indigenous working class population and taking all the low skilled jobs.

          Immigrants are now the new low paid working class over here whilst the indigenous poor are the new slave labour.

          1. Ouch… And i tought things were bad in here, where the retired dont even earn for their medical and normal taxes, while the immigrants and gypsies dont even have to work, since their homes are offered by the government (“social neighborhoods”), recieving arround 100? per month for every child they have, and the rest of the welfare check, that is delivered by social security at tax payer money, are fat enough for them to earn more than the average working class population… They take from us to give to them, and they dont even have to lift a finger… But lucky are those that actually find a job in this damnable country anyways…

          2. The interesting thing though is that capitalism cannot survive without consumerism and this current economic model they’re using is massively damaging to consumerism on the whole.

            At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much money you can save manufacturing and promoting a product if no one has the money to purchase that product and so exporting industries to the third world and importing low waged economic migrants is self destructive when done to extreme proportions as it is being done now at present.

            That’s the question, who’s buying?. The low waged immigrants send their money back home where it goes further due to cost of living differences and since the state sector of the host country is supporting them financially the host country’s economy is not benefiting at all, its merely draining it.

            The unemployed indigenous workers cannot be consumers for obvious reasons and the indigenous population lucky enough to still have jobs are not consuming due to the economic instability and the forever rising cost of living meaning that they focus on the bare essentials of living such as food and rent/mortgage.

            The rich have never been richer but the rich number in few compared to the poorer majority and they tend to squirrel away money rather than spending it.

            The above is why companies keep on closing down one after another and why profit margins are suffering across the board which only further exasperates the problem because companies try to save themselves by making more and more redundancies and cuts.

            To use a medical metaphor, the state sector, ie the taxpayer, is sharing its organs with the terminally ill private sector in order to prolong the private sectors life and this will see them both die an horrible death as a result.

            The only way to save this situation is either through a mass exodus of immigrant workers and our industry repatriated or another great war to boost immediate industrial demand and reduce the population levels on the whole, my money is on them doing the latter after all it is what they have always done in these situations.

          3. @DK – can you explain what you meant by “where the retired don’t even earn for their medical and normal taxes”? (Not trying to offend – I just don’t understand what that means.) Here the retired (but have to be a certain age to qualify) receive social security checks and basic health care “Medicare” at reduced price and a monthly fee paid for by them working prior to retiring. The govt takes a certain amount out of workers paychecks to supposedly support these programs you qualify for once you reach a certain age.

          4. @Empty Soul, Because the products being produced will be mostly exported to countries that have the consuption power to buy them at the high* prices they put them on. (*high as in, for the production country standards wich might be normal middle class prices for target countries.) Or at least thats what most companies aim for after they reach the “self-suficiency” level. All those that are unable to go beyond their self-suficiency states, by surviving selling localy because they are being choked by importing companies’ lower prices of the same product, will obviously die. In my country’s example, a lettuce farmer cannot make a profit, because exported lettuce (as in other vegetables) comes cheaper, even with the export tarifs.

            Its all about the outside consuption, from other countries that actually seeks those products, that those companies survive and grow… not due to the indigneous population consuption.

            But ive been noticing a pattern in all this: Before, the population could make a profit localy without any problems, but the market expanded and they could make higher profits by selling to other towns in their country. The market is constantly changing, and the local towns inside the country no longer gives the sufficient profits in order for them to carry on expanding. So today we have intercontinental exportations of products… what if that no longer is sufficient for them? Will the market die and the population starve to death or will we have a rollback on wich we had to plant our own food?


            @ilmg, We have that program in here as well, (as in any other democratic country as far as i know), but in here we have those that never payed tribute to the State, because they were either returning colonists from prior to 1974 revolution (like my grandparents were), or lived in rural areas, as independent herdsmen, farmers, or simple housewifes, among other non-govermental controlled activities that were outside government reach (mostly in isolated villages), and due to that, their retirement checks are very minimalistic for living, below the “acceptable” poverty line, and the government still today does not give them any help. As for health care, they do get an age discount, but what they earn is still not sufficient, and between living with something on the table to eat and their pills, they are forced to make the reasonable choice for them to survive, and most of them ending up forced to live in their relatives’s homes.

          5. @DK – thanks – yes we too have those who haven’t paid in who receive some money and the same situation with many receiving checks insufficient to pay their bills.

    1. great point @bygon

      contempt of court is a serious offence –
      i once got 30days right of the bat, i wasnt even up, just in the public gallery at my foster brothers appearance – i stood up and shouted “wanker” at a copper who was in the box telling total lies about the case – and with one simple direction from the magistrate, i was grabbed by the group4 guards and taken down.
      imagine my shock? didnt have more than 5 cigs on me – and off to winson green i went to do 14 days out of 30.
      and ive seen a few instances of comtempt deal with in the same/similar way

      the fact that a guy throwing a chair at a judge was overlooked certainly says a lot.

  5. Im thinking in approximately two weeks we will see a video of a Dutch gentleman who goes on a killing spree killing nineteen judges brutally and slowly, the murder weapons being only a rusty pair of scissors and sewing needle. any thoughts on how you would do it given the circumstances and the murder weapons at hand? Extra points for creativity.

  6. For throwing a chair at the judge, even if he hit the judge and knocked her over, the father was facing a maximum of 1 hr community service if calculated at the same discount for a triple involuntary manslaughter.

    He should have another go!

  7. as a dutch i will try to explain this.
    this polish guy was sentenced to 120 hour of labour because and i quote,
    he was not drunk.
    he had no record.
    and there was not proven he was speeding.
    bystanders told he was speeding , but in holland u are not quilty untill it`s proven and if u ask the bystanders at what speed he was going they tell around 120km/h where 80 is allowed but then the judge ask a bystander and his loyer if they can prove that.
    so thats why u get away with 120h of labour with a first degree murder.
    nuff said , im sick of this shit and shame myselff of being dutch.

  8. All the hate for the judge is not actually warranted, as explained by the mitigating circumstances explained by @neckless, a few posts above. I know nothing about Dutch law, but in England, Wales and Northern Ireland judges take instructions from “Archbold”, Criminal Pleading, Evidence and practice, which is “the bible” for them.

    They are bound by guidelines and can only sentence within those.

    We might not agree with it, but their hands are tied. Hence the saying, “The law is an ass” !

    There is so much inconsistency within the law it staggers belief

    The Shankill Butchers…A paramilitary gang who killed at least 23 people, all sentenced to life in prison…All members released from jail within 15 years.

    The West Memphis Three. 2 of them convicted to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole, and the third sentenced to death…All released 18 years later as part of the Alford plea deal, a legal mechanism in which “guilty” pleas are entered but innocence is nevertheless maintained.

    Charles Manson. Never killed anyone…Jailed in 1969, and still inside.

    The law is indeed an ass.

  9. Hey! We have a lot of judges here in the American Justice for Criminals System!

    Assholes here love to say, “it’s better that ten guilty people go free than even one prison wrongly imprisoned.”

    Really? How so? Let’s have ten more assholes running loose harming people and changing their lives forever, good idea!

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