Nice Canadian Driver Cleans Snow Off Another Car While Stopped at Lights

Nice Canadian Driver Cleans Snow Off Another Car While Stopped at Lights

What a way to cultivate the Canadian stereotype 😉

A driver from Canada stopped at the lights and noticed a driver in front of him had rear windshield covered with snow. So he put his car in park, grabbed his snow brush, and cleared the snow from the windshield for the other driver, before returning back to his car with plenty of time to prepare for the green light.

While the video doesn’t make it clear, driving around with such thick layer of snow over the windshield does scream “female driver“.

93 thoughts on “Nice Canadian Driver Cleans Snow Off Another Car While Stopped at Lights”

    1. @it was me,

      ?No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted?

      You say that only because he merely cleared snow.

      What if he has that micro-penis condition, would that not make any act of kindness in the bedroom department a wasted effort?

      Would not disrobing in front of such a man be considered a wasted effort if his tri-car can never move out of first gear?

      I strongly recommend that you think about the cock and balls before making any philosophical judgments in future.

      1. @ empty What if his micro penis kept him from pro creating which would save money on birth control and spawning another micro penis fv. But because of his infertile micro penis he has honed the skill of master headsmen. Now he has amazing oral skills that every woman wants and he’s a nice guy to boot!

          1. @Empty I’m pretty sure she should dump him. No one is going to orgasm from such a small penis.

            Implying most women would rather have a guy with an average penis as opposed to a kind gentleman with a micro-penis.

          2. @empty bah ha ha.! I get your point but, 1st is duty ,both ways and disrobing before him when his tranny is broke insinuating its a strip tease is just cruel if the intent is to change a micro to mucho

      2. @Empty soul,

        I’ve never had a partner with the condition you mentioned. I do believe if two people love each other, they can find a way to compensate for any shortcomings in a relationship.

        Thank you for your recommendation, I’ll remember it while devising future gratification. >:)

  1. Typical Canadian has to be in everyone else’s business. Stay in your car and stop fucking up traffic asshole. Too bad he didn’t get crushed between two cement trucks. That would have been worth watching.

  2. The best thing you can do for someone who’s driving around like that is walk up to the drivers side window and put a bullet in their head. They’ve obviously given up on being a responsible human being a long time ago and now it’s just time to end it for them.

      1. We’ve got nothing but frozen snow that look like igloos all over the place around here right now @it was me. You should see how irresponsible and thoughtless people are about its removal. I guess I’m dealing with some “snow rage” at the moment. : (

          1. No I’m sorry @it was me. My first comment was about the vid but the second was just an explanation of how I can relate right now. : )

          1. I’m way passed snowballs @Judge, I’m thinking iceballs. The kind of projectile that will result in a broken nose and a couple of black eyes. Go big or go home, no more half measures, fight fire with subzero frozen goodness.

    1. Patricia?
      It sounds like you have given up on humanity, and see any seemingness act of kindness with a wash of trepidation!
      This can not go on…
      Give me your full address plus your phone number and I’ll send you some flowers and chocolates. 😉

  3. That driver with the snow, she’s just a lazy fucker! And The nice guy well…good for him! But around here I know you need 2 out of three mirrors working. I Never had my car with snow on it, so i don’t know what the big deal is…

  4. few things here…….he is brown as a morning duce, yet is listening to country music……the fuck??

    Second, PERHAPS this was simply more an act of “I’m on camera” rather than somebody ELSE’S video shot of Mr Yee Haa Bindy doing something that, realistically, could have gotten him into a fight or, as mentioned above, gotten him plowed by a motorcycle.

    Mind your own fucking business, Mr Busybody.

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