Nine Romanian Gypsies Die in Crash in Hungary Because Driver Livestreamed from Vehicle

Nine Romanian Gypsies Die in Crash in Hungary Because Driver Livestreamed from Vehicle

Nine Romanian Gypsies Die in Crash in Hungary Because Driver Livestreamed from Vehicle

Europe can breathe a little freer I suppose, because the gypsy burden it’s forced to carry has been lifted by 9 points.

A van with nine Romanian gypsies on board a van of sorts collided with an oncoming truck on a highway some 60 kilometers from Budapest in Hungary. The crash was caused by the van’s driver, a 38 years old male who was focusing on streaming the ride live on Facebook and didn’t notice until it was too late that while in the passing lane, he was driving right into the truck.

According to a news report on Romanian TV, the gypsies were coming from Slovenia where they worked. That’s a bit of a hard core statement to make, for anyone who’s ever come across a Roma gypsy knows that they’ve occupied Europe for generation but haven’t worked a day in that whole time. So when someone says “working” while speaking of Gypsies, the words between the lines should read “robbing, raping or running their elaborate network of fake beggars“.

Props to Best Gore members @peshte and @13lunt420media for the video:

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      2. Everytime i see a dead romanian i do a celebration dance. They really are the scum of Europe and i cant express enough how glad i am to see them gone. This video made my day and i wanna see more of these fuckers gone

          1. @illegalsmile55

            You know that slightly creepy looking sorta dwarf-kid in Mad Max? This is the kind of diorama he would make for his school project.
            I cannot quite put my finger on it but there is something really compelling about this. It is like a barbaric sculpture or a Transformers Movie gone very badly wrong. The way there are bits of people and bodies impacted through the vehicle metal and engine parts is really harsh. In some way I think it should be left just as it is at the edge of the road. For eternity.
            The movie “Crash” taken to its logical conclusion…


            will we see another clip of people (let’s face it it will be guys only) actually fucking the corpses and sticking their cocks into the jerkin-sized empty, boneless torso skins? This cameraman seemed to be getting quite excited and if there hadn’t been other people around I think he would have fired a few loads from his porridge gun into the porn-mouth of that dangling wing mirror thing.

          2. Where has that movie been all my life?! At first I was mad about having to state my birth year to see it, but then I was so turned on by the images of sex AND crashes!! *claps*

  1. I actually don’t mind pikeys… yes they’ll have the fillings out of your mouth while you’re yawning, but for the most part they do their own thing, keep themselves to themselves and don’t drain our taxes.
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    1. what about all the dead beat dads? you don’t know how many failed marriages I see where the kids get free insurance, free school a free house whatever you can think of you’re paying for it

        1. I know pablo, it’s kind of embarrassing, i mean how would one van involved have a bloke get out as calm as a cucumber, no injuries and start filming while the other van was literally flattened?

  2. That’s so sad……… Only nine? I’m sure that van could have gotten its worth if it would have been Beaner-packed. Oh well, lets look at the bright side, that’s nine less sacks of shit infesting our streets, one of them too stupid to be eligible for survival and reproduction. Still too many of them in Europe and they’re not dying fast enough..

    1. Really, i quite like them, there’s this one gypsy woman who sits on the street and whenever i pass she holds out a cup of money for me, she’s very generous

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    1. Because unlike you, some people here actually have some prospects in life such as raising a family in a place where the racial and cultural heritage of your country is preserved. Living in a country where the majority of people share similar habits, culture, education and mindset. Living in a country where the crime is very low, as opposed to high crime rate practiced by a minority who shouldn’t even be there in the first place. Living in a country where people can actually decide what’s best for them, instead of being exposed to all kinds of filth and violence that they DIDN’T sign up for. That instead was decided by globalist virtue signalling politicians who don’t give a fuck about their country or their people. They only care about power, and the vote that these problematic soon-to-be-majority minorities, alongside with the rest of brainwashed sheep, will without a doubt give to them.

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        1. @cliff89

          Once upon a time in Germany government would get the gypsies to do some actual work and contribute to the country, like everybody else did, instead of just draining the resources of a nation they don’t even belong to and have absolutely no will to assimilate with.

          Now regarding the Republicans, well, yeah, most of the Republican politicians are lame. Not as lame and deranged as the Democrats, but lame still. Our problem today is how pathetic the Right-Wing and Nationalistic movements came to be. No wonder the Left won the cultural war. The majority of the so-called Conservatives actually are Cuckservatives, and they help the other side a lot more than the side they say to be part of. There’s also the typical bluepilled normie who calls himself a “right-winger” and believes in the fake news mainstream media, and last but not least all of these “center” and “center-right” political parties that in reality are Leftist facades to gather more votes from the right-wing sheep I mentioned above. They are all (((controlled opposition))).

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  4. That was actually a pleasant song to listen to while dying a violent horrible painful awful shitty dumbass pointless stupid fucked up death.. Also I like the dude just nonchalantly chillin with arm out the window like he’s enjoying the breeze on his fucked up cracked to shit skull.

    1. You and I seem to disagree on the soundtrack*, but we apparently agree on the rest of it. De gustibus non est disputandum, as it were. Cheers!

      *Unless you were being ironic, as that music was fucking terrible. If that was the case, I was never here…

  5. Love to see self centered pricks taking selfies, texting or livestreaming, leave their mortal coils. The only good choice they made, was hitting a truck. As opposed to a car filled with innocent children.

    Personally, I would like to see more of these trucks, strategically placed a few miles apart. Their sole purpose, is to wipe these bastards off the face of the earth.

    Indeed, one of my favorite videos. Excellent post folks!

  6. Why the fuck would you livestream yourself driving? Wanna some extra attention while you are doing the most boring thing in the world? if it were at least his companions recording who werent drivig
    People dont seem to understand that live streams are watched only when youre doing interesting things like grinding your testies into a meatloaf or sticking some christmas balls full of hot sauce up your ass..

    1. Pablo…


      Society is starting to come around on the dangers of intoxicated driving. (and justifiably so) However, and just like intoxicated drivers, motorists who operate a vehicle while distracted by a mobile device are too, impaired drivers.

      I have seen countless number of times, when the corporate media will cover traffic accidents, and not report on the reasons why the accident occurred to begin with. For example, a driver who suddenly hits the back of a semi at high speeds, with a skid mark no longer than my penis, on a perfectly clear day.

      There’s a reason for this. If the corporate media reports the dangers of driving while operating a mobile device, the big corporations will start pulling their ads on corporate media.

      I use to tell my gal not to bite the gland that feeds you. The same thing applies, when it comes to the dangers of rising up against Apple, Microsoft etc. Our media suppose to be our forth branch of government. However, and with a little lotion and tissue paper, our media is only responsive to the major corporations, seeking power and political oppression.

      1. He could afford lost of attention for second or two while driving slower and safe but, he failed miserably because he played with damn phone while being on wrong side of road and that shit costed him and his friends a life.

        There is good thing in bad:
        Someone who plays with androids while driving can wake the fuck up by watching video of unfortunate smartphone recklessness.

      1. They fucking wear shiny black shoes, as it fits their song indian turkish based song style, called manele. In Romania we have at least 3 types of gypsy: the craftsmen that wear a specific nice jewish style costume, the normal clothing like romanians do ( they are romanised – the fuck they are I’d say ) and the wagon type, that is pretty much the 1st category only that they stink and travel from one town to another staying at the exit for weeks and then they leave – nomads. Them are those you don’t wanna fuck with, they’ll steal you momma too, those motherfuckers !

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