Nipple Slips as Woman Lies Injured Under Train

Nipple Slips as Woman Lies Injured Under Train

Another video from South Asia, possibly India, involving a train. This one shows a woman lying under a stopped train and appearing injured. Her clothes prevent the injury from being seen, but I’m guessing one of her legs was amputated.

Even though we can’t see the injury, what we can see is a nipple that slipped from under her clothes, and also a bit of her ass crack as she rolls down.

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148 thoughts on “Nipple Slips as Woman Lies Injured Under Train”

    1. What the fuck he really just pulled out a selfie stick to make sure he was in frame for a picture with her, and she is looking around like WTF help me bitches!!! All those guys are pussies not even trying to help ..she even had to push herself off the train!

      Dumb ass punks put a tourniquet on that bitch .. I don’t mean “her” as a bitch but her leg or what’s left. Hope that bitch makes it thou.

  1. he should have gotten in the push-up position insert the dick in her mouth then up down repeatedly for 2 mins, then help her by using her dress to apply pressure due to blood loss.

    She was looking for her BF who placed his head on the tracks looking for her and thought she was lost forever.

    1. Yeah these fuckers are not helping her. If I was there I would definitely stick ma dick in her mouth to let her blow more oxygen. Then Cum on that nipple. The semen (that is full of protein) would give her more energy to survive.
      I think the boyfriend was thinking he could hear her screaming his name through the train tracks. Such a sad love story

      1. @Johnny.
        This is what I like to see. You and @NIN are true humanitarians. Nobody was willing to help her but you two are willing to apply a meat tourniquet to her esophagus then do push-ups on her face. Just when I thought there was no hope left for humanity you guys restored my faith. God bless you both.

          1. Yawn….you are nothing more than an inconvenience. Your comebacks are as lame as your urge to jizz you cant even see how pathetic you are.

    1. Yes. The poor lady. But it could have been much worse from what we’ve seen. Hope they reattach her leg. She looks an attractive, slim, tall young lady.
      Maybe a suicide attempt or she fell from the train.
      Hope she recovers fast.
      And really the watchers should have comforted her and pulled her out.

    1. I was waiting for an Epic Nipple Twister me self, but no go! Jokes aside, here is another great example of peoples kindness when someone is incapacitated and in need of a little reassurance, and human touch. Raise her head, and give her a handbag, or rolled-up jacket to rest her head on, while comforting her you stupid fuck-tards instead of smirking from a distance, and taking pictures of her exposed tit, before shock completely takes over and greatly diminishes her chances of survival. Fucking Neanderthals would treat her better, FFS.

    1. How did you know?

      Maybe some of us are tired of seeing the same lame as fuck urge to jizz and my cock this bullshit as if anyone here gives a fuck about “your cock”

      Maybe a few seconds to post a response worth a fuck would warrant a more useful purpose.

      1. Your right! You guys are bad for saying jizz and cock please say something meaningful. Who cares if you want to jizz I don’t need to hear that just do it but keep it to yourself. Thanks Bella I’ll take what you said and try not to say cock this or that. Thanks

          1. Lol think what you want anything I say will not change your mind, but the jizz shit that’s lame unless there comment is built up, now push-ups with your cock in her mouth is funny.

        1. Facetious or sincere? Lol
          If were going to have to hear about how hard your dick gets or that you masterbate from the gore content at least breath some creativity into it. There will always be typical sexual innuendos, that’s a fact. At least put some effort into it, or every post I’m going to say “urge to squirt is strong with this one” and see how soon that gets old as fuck as well.

          1. @Bella.
            “Urge to squirt” will only encourage the remarks that you are tired of reading. I know what your point is and what you’re saying about cheap, lazy jokes and such, but, yeah…urge to squirt sounds kinda hot. That plan might backfire on you.

        1. Me thinks arnt you amputated in some way? Can you even touch your penis? I saw your story here but unfortunately not important enough for me to remember…

          Oh wait, I also don’t care.

  2. Look this is human nature, animals eat there same kind when there sick or slow down the pack.
    Just look at the titty I mean title “nipple slips” in the first two words, so yes it’s rude nasty to some normal to others. It is what it is nasty ass fun cause we can here.
    On a real note if I was there I would be helping trying to save her life trust me. So I’m not there I’m having fun being free to say the things people have thoughts about. Well some if your thoughts are nasty Gore thoughts lol. Welcome to BG

    1. You do know you can reply to the same post without making new comments? Easier to follow…I wasn’t even directing it to you, yours was moderate at best.

      Maybe a little originality in the comments would be nice then more of the bullshit seen here. I’m in a mood, I usually don’t say shit but something about today I don’t give a fuck. Some of us have our trolling moments. I guess this is mine.

    1. Especially when he is doing something as pathetic as going in as close as he could to try to get the boob shot. Probably the closest he is ever going to get to a boob. I hope it was him that lost his head on the track in the other video after getting shamed out for filming.

  3. you people are a bunch of children,
    making light of people’s suffering
    a real human would have some sympathy

    this is an important site
    providing important information
    it’s important to see/know the suffering of humanity
    but your childish reactions are not worthy of the material

    1. Would someone’s comment if nice and caring for the poor person help anyone… I beg to differ
      If your here to help fly to India and show them BG so they pay attention man. Look ahead when on a bike, before crossing a road or train track!
      Go do that until them keep listening to our posts.

    2. orson ass, I thought we had managed to chase most of you “gore scholar” whiny losers off of the site. People don’t get on the internet to look up fucked up shit and get all philosophical about it. Go somewhere else if you want to find intelligent conversation about the duality of mankind you tiny little pussboy.

  4. Ever notice the people in these third world shithole nations always just stand around after somebody is hit by a train or run over by a truck? They never offer comfort or aid. It’s reminiscent of those nature videos where a pack of hyenas take down a gazelle and the rest of the herd just stand by chewing cud and watch.

  5. These train videos suck, hopefully the war on drugs in mexico heats up or maybe we get some awesome isis combat footage or some brazilian action. Though for real how many fucking indians die eat werk due to trains, the number must be sky high.

  6. I’m sorry but the way she rolled over inviting with that peach ass any guy would have fucked her there and then if nobody was watching. What a notch that would be too … you are with the crowd in a bar 15 years later discussing crazy stories .. well I stumbled on an amputated Indian and she rolled right over exposing her ripe ass her nipple already teasing my desires so I whipped it out and stuck it in.

          1. I hear ya. A romantic hotel suite and a few candles would have been better than axle grease and disembodied limbs lying about.

  7. How do these monkeys seem to be always getting run over by trains? Why do they always seem to be just standing there looking stupid when they ought to be trying to help? This is Western Civilization in a couple of more centuries or less.

  8. She got her leg cut by train and is in extreme pain. This guy smiles, takes selfies, points camera on her face to record her agony. Not one person in the crowd comes to help her, they are still standing there and the selfie guy is still recording when she asks for water. People here making fun of her misery. Go back to your loser lifes..

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